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Tyranid 1500 quick mobile army!
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Old 21 Apr 2010, 20:36   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Tyranid 1500 quick mobile army!


HQ 1: Hive Tyrant x1 - 265
-Hive Commander
-Bonded Exoskeleton
-Lash Whip And Bonesword
-Scything Talons

Elite 1: Zoanthrope Brood x2 - 160
-Mycetic spore

Elite 2: Zoanthrope Brood x2 - 160
-Mycetic spore

Troops 1: Genestealer Brood x8 - 175
-Rending Claws

-Brood Lord
-Scything Talons
-Implant Attack

Troops 2: Genestealer Brood x8 - 112
-Rending Claws

[Fast Attack]
Fast Attack 1: Gargoyle Brood x20 - 140
-Blinding Venom
-Claws and teeth
-Toxic Sacs

Fast Attack 2: Ravener Brood x6 - 240
-Reinforced Chitin
-Scything Talons

[Heavy Support]
Heavy Support 1: Dragon Prime x1 - 240
-Biometric pulse
-Bonded Exoskeleton
-Scything Talons (two sets)
-Containment spines


My Strategy for this army is going go like this. Gargoyles screen the tyrant, Tyrone Deepstrikes then the Raveners tunnel threw, and shoot up what ever they can. Both squads of Genestealers are gonna flake, Mystic Spores gonna deepstrike in and release the misanthropes. I haven't played warhammer 40k since 4Th edition I'm just now getting back into it...
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Old 21 Apr 2010, 20:40   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Tyranid 1500 quick mobile army!

Lol stupid spell check *Trygon Prime *Zoanthropes
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Old 23 Apr 2010, 15:09   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tyranid 1500 quick mobile army!

Might as well say it before someone else does, double posting is somewhat frowned upon, for spelling revisions there is a little edit button on the left side of posts you've made. Click that guy, fix up any mistakes and you're good to go . Your poll is also confusing heh.

Meanwhile this list:

HQ: Alright so we have a flyrant with some CC upgrades and hive commander. I'll just say a few points. Lash whip and bone sword means your Tyrant will strike first and ignore armor saves (with that neat instant death going on as well I suppose). Now the Tyrant is a MC, already ignoring armor saves, and he already has a good initiative so will most likely go first anyways. Combined, I would question whether this is a good choice for your Tyrant. Scything talons are alright.

Elites: Looks great to me

Troops Not sure at the moment, but I recall that the broodlord is an upgrade of a genestealer basically, and as such must be equipped identically. While we are here, I'll just suggest toxin sacs over Scything talons, increases rend rate.

There aren't that many troops, I hope you plan on tabling the enemy, Genestealers tend to go after things that are not objectives.

Fast attack Gargoyles are great! Raveners are a unit I have never used.

Heavy Heh Dragon prime, not a bad moniker. My Trygon Prime is in every list, I give him regen its a flukey thing but I like it. It is fine as is.

The Swarm Alright you want to screen Tyrant with gargoyles, fine, but bear in mind MC only get cover when 50% obscured, and there are several arguments over whether or not wings on gargoyles count for line of sight purposes, could be difficult anyways as tyrant is large. I tend to think this army lacks objective capability. Your stealers are much too busy killing things to sit on an objective. Some termagaunts are needed. This list has some scary elements, but there aren't a whole lot of units that can afford to take one for the team. I dunno it should be fine for annihilation.

Oh new to 5th, that explains a bit. Be sure to know the new cover rules, I can't actually remember the old ones anymore heh.
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Old 23 Apr 2010, 22:57   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Tyranid 1500 quick mobile army!

Sorry about the double post.. n yea i was super confused when i was posting this as u can tell... im new to this whole websight n stuff!

Hq - yeh ima look back n c what else i can give him ima flip some things around... i totally forgot about MC's attacks count as a power wepeon..

Troops - ill take what u said into consideration n c what i can drop for some more troops most likely raveners since every1 i noe never uses them..

As from what i hear wings are ignored when it comes to LOS... but thats just from what i hear ima pick up the new rule book soon i just thought i would start with some models first since i <3 painting...

what are your thoughts on shrikes? i was thinking of shrikes with boneswords but idk about them thier very costy... what im going for in this army is mostly fast movement on ur appoint 2-3rd turn! any constructive criticism is appreciated! like i said i havent played for 2-3 yrs and im just getting back into 40k....
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Old 24 Apr 2010, 16:51   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tyranid 1500 quick mobile army!

This site also has grammar and spelling standards, do try and type properly :-\.

I have not used shrikes personally, but have faced them on many occasions. Simply put, they never got to combat. Against someone like me that is to be expected; I kill that which moves fastest, and that which is most powerful first, shrikes are both, resulting in every gun possible shooting at them until entirely gone.

I prefer my couple contingents of warriors on foot, leave speed to things that are pseudo-fast, like genestealers, deepstrikers etc. I would have equipped my warriors with 2X boneswords, but ran out of materials and had to make them lashwhip bone swords. Shrikes with boneswords are basically like marine veterans with all powerswords that can also cause instant death. I mean they are good on paper, but their deployment and utilization results in less than scary results.

If you want things to be on your opponent fast, take the tyrant with hive commander fine, but also throw in a lictor on foot so its pheromone trail is active right away. That gives you +2 to reserves, so your units come in on a 2+, and one unit can outflank. Combine that with a few spores of termagaunts and a trygon with genestealers, you'll have your army where its needed on turn 2, with a few strgglers for 3.
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Default Re: Tyranid 1500 quick mobile army!

Question, for the bonesword wouldn't that be good for making the Hive Tyrant a character hunter? That's what I would use him for honestly, going after Daemon Princes, etc, etc with that load out? I could be wrong, I'm just starting Nids.
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