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Hive Fleet Briares
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Default Hive Fleet Briares

Hi! I've been doing 40k for about a year now and I've been building up my 'nids army. Here is my list so far:

1 Hive Tyrant/Heavy Venom Cannon/ Lash Whip and Bonesword/ Desiccator Larvae
1 Doom of Malan'tai(I want to add a spore pod for him)
16 Termagants/8 fleshborers/4devourers/4spinefists
16Hormagaunts/Adrenal Glands/Toxin sacs
8 Genestealers/Scything Talons
3 Warriors/ 2 Deathspitters/1barbedStrangler/1 rending claws(ill pair him with another brood all with rending claws once I get more)
3 Ripper swarms/ Spinefists/ (sometimes tunnel swarm)
Heavy Support
1 carnifex/ Crushing Claws/ Barbed Strangler/ frag spine
1 Tyrannofex/ rupture cannon./ desiccator larvae/ Cluster spines
Fats Attack
10 gargoyles

I plan on adding another carnifex with 2 scything talons, and a mawloc with adrenal glands. then eventually a hierophant
Give me rcommendations and comments plz
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I ran this list minus gargoyles and tyrannofex against space marines list of
Tactical squad
Terminator squad
Korsarro khan
Rhino with missile launcher and TL storm bolter
They got wiped out!
My rippers dropped in on one side and genestealers outflanked on other whilst hive tyrant immobilized rhino hormagaunts tied up dreadnought and rippers assaulted tactical squad they also had termagants and fex bearing down on them genestealers destroyed terminators with warriors and the doom for backup my brother conceded after 4 turns

Hive Fleet Briares
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