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Planned Army
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Default Planned Army

I am new to 40k, but I love the ruleset and action!

I am planning on going with the Hive and was planning on having the following as my grouped gains. I figured these would give me a couple of options to play with when making my army for different games.

I am not sure at all as to abilities or bioweaponry yet, suggestions would be great. Also, any suggestions on the list itself would be awesome.

This is everything that comes in the boxes I was looking at.

Here's the list:

1 x Hive Tyrant (from it's own box)
40 x Termagaunts (From the Battle Force and two boxes)
40 x Hormagaunts (From the Battle Force and two boxes)
24 x Genestealers (From the Battle Force and two boxes)
3 x Warriors (From the Battle Force)
3 x Carnifex (From their own boxes)
5 x Ripper Swarm (From various boxes above)
1 x Trygon (From it's own box)

I have been looking over many of the lists here and elsewhere and I am looking at fielding somewhere around 1500 points to start, probably mostly swarm tactics. Down the road, I would love to go Nidzilla as well, but I like the swarm.

Thanks for looking and any help.

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How is the army coming?
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