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City Scape Board
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Old 28 Aug 2005, 18:42   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default City Scape Board

Hello everyone,

I have had a few requests for a city scape board and am unsure how to proceed. Excluding terrain pieces like buildings, rubble, or other removable props what would you expect to see on a board like this? Obviously a road network. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I have not seen to many city scape boards. If you have some images of what you thought was good I would love to see them posted. Thanks,

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Default Re: City Scape Board

No images, but I'll keep an eye out for some.

Lets see.....umm...pipelines?

And..err.....craters? Possibl revealing sewers or a metro underground?

Or perhaps an entrance to a tube station?

Bus stops...?

I'll think of more later....
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Old 28 Aug 2005, 19:20   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: City Scape Board

Maybe some vehicles. they are great for cover saves and a plus for the right atmosphere (but make your own, don't take GW ones that might come pretty expensive )
Or some civilists that are running for their life.
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Default Re: City Scape Board

If you wanted to make it just that little more realistic, use the train lights... the electirical ones and set the sorce up in a building.
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Old 03 Sep 2005, 02:22   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: City Scape Board

In my opinion(but it isnt that good), small details make a building. Detailed buildings make a detailed board. Have some guys slouched against a wall with a bunch of bullet holes in the wall behind them, and them dead with bullet holes, and blood and body parts everywhere. Ever played Starcraft? Probably a Tau Devilfish crashed into a building with 2 or three dead firewarriors around it, like they crashed, ahandful survived, and they were cut down in the open area of a rooftop.. You could have a Leman Russ that rammed a building, but was immobilized and abandoned, so it left the wreck half in and half out of a crumbling building. A really ambitios idea, maby even for a whole boad, is a landing strip. A control tower a few hangers, and a terminal. Or that could be contained in the city.
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Default Re: City Scape Board

statues of fallen heros?
pedestrian bridges over roads?
a church with steeple would be awesome...
if near a sea, a water dock?
adeptus arbites HQ?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: City Scape Board

I have alot of bayou canals in Houston, and turn arounds that go under freeways. I think make a Large freeway intersection where 3 major freeways intersect. Then have like water containment areas with large sewage pipes running into them. Its would have lots of poles of different thicknesses alot of different elevations, and not to mention creatures coming out of the pipes.
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