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Boiling mud
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Boiling mud

Hey everybody

I was wondering, if any of you gaming guys knew how to make boiling mud scenery? My idea is to take a hot glue gun->make a bubble->take a thin straw and blow some air into the bubble while it's still hot (A bit like glass-blowers do). Don't know if this will work, because I can't find thin straws in the shops. Please help me out here.

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Default Re: Boiling mud

This should be in the Terrain board... look at all boards before you post a new topic to see where it would be best to post it.

But the glue gun works... i have a mate who done it on a tanks base for a display peice.
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Default Re: Boiling mud

Take a look at one of the recent WD magazines -they have an article on how to make a digestion pool which is basically the same thing. They used small beads and halves of styrofoam balls to create the bubbles. I don't think blowing into hot glue is going to work very well unless you're pretty fast.
Waldo Pepper

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