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How to make an Ice/Snow Table
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Kroot Warrior
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Default How to make an Ice/Snow Table

Hey I was thinking of making an ice/snow based table, considering that my Tau are painted in the white/black color scheme. I need some suggestions on what kind of terrain bits and pieces I should include in the table, like glaciers, thin ice, etc...I really want the board to be fun to play on and have lots of cover and obstacles so as to have an interesting battle. I'm not yet sure of how large the table will be so post away with whatever ideas you have, whether they they are for small or a large tables. Tips on how to make the suggested terrain pieces would be nice to have as well.

Also, some interactive terrain would be neat to have in addition to the non-interactive ones, like thin ice that can break when it is walked across. Unfortunately, I can't find any rules on them and I don't know what they are, so if you could try and fill me in on that it would be greatly appreciated to.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: How to make an Ice/Snow Table

I have some pics of my ice board down a few topics from this one.* If you have any questions on how I did something let me know and I will try to help you out.
The post is titled Finished Ice Board Terrain Cover

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Default Re: How to make an Ice/Snow Table

This is something I've been working on, since my Tau Sept is based on a Ice world (Think Hoth from Star Wars)

First a couple of tips.

Snow powder comes in may forms. I use woodland scenics 'Soft Flake' it cost about 8 for 32oz so about 10 times what you get for the same price form GW.

Mixing Snow with PVA (Wood/White) glue creates a paste, more snow means a thicker paste and letting it dry gives a nice compacted and refrozen look.

Adding snow on top of the still wet paste will give a fresh fallen look

The Paste can be sculpted to a certain degree including adding foot prints which can look quite effective.

Slush can be made by adding a bit of grey (Fortress grey would work best I think) and black paint to the paste, the trick is don't make a perfect blend of the paints got for a swirly look, Practice first it'll be worth it

Bear these tips in mind and you'd have a great board to play on. Anyway on with the board

For the board make it as normal board but instead of flock and static grass use the snow powder paste then cover the board surface with the this paste and sprinkle more snow on top if you want the snow to look freshly fallen.

Get some of that pink/pale blue foam that GW use for making their terrain and make hills, and glaciers with that by cutting with a hot wire cutter and using a sharp knife cut details in, use watered down White glue again to seal it and spray the finished base with skull white then add more snow paste to create drifts and surface detail. *

Craters can be made any number of ways, check the forum or the GW site for details, build as normal but don't add Static grass/flock replace that with snow paste and powder on the exterior and a maybe a little on the edge of the crater itself. Same applies to buildings. just think where the snow would gather as it falls and where it would get blown to by the freezing winds

Trees if needed can be made by either buying tree armatures (woodland scenics make a good range) or constructed out of wire, check the forum or GWs sites for details on how to do this. *Once again add snow paste in realistic areas.

Icicles can be made by mixing a lot of white glue to a small amount of water and snow so it's still thick but not too drippy (trial and error if it's too runny add a bit more snow) Then get a bit of sprue and add the paste to the bottom smooth edge in a cone shape. suspend this between two paint pots or similar if done correctly they should be almost transparent when dry. let these sit for at least 24 hours, but I'd recommend 48 hours then carefully cut them off the sprue and attach them to what ever takes your fancy.

Frozen water can be made by creating the basic snow paste then letting it dry and add a couple of coats of 2:1 white glue to water to give it a sheen


THIN *ICE - This would be difficult terrain for foot troops and Impassible terrain for vehicles including bikes and walkers (not skimmers though) an optional rule and one I've used is for every squad that moves onto the Ice roll a D6 on a 6 (5-6 for rough riders etc) the ice breaks and the each model on the ice must make an initiative roll or fall in. Any model that falls in takes an automatic wound, armours save may be taken as normal but not inv saves

Alternatively feel free to increase the chance of the ice breaking depending on the wight of the armour eg a 3+ save makes it 5-6 and a 2+ is 4-6 (makes SMurf players thing about where they're moving giving you more time to shoot them! >)

AVALANCHE - Avalanche's can be great fun if any model on a hill or within 6 inches fires a heavy weapon there's a 1 in 6(Ordnance fire would be a 2 in 6) chance the noise will create an avalanche. Any models on the hill or within 3 inches make an initiative roll or suffer 1 wound on a 4+ with no armour save allowed invulnerable saves may be taken.

That's just some of the stuff you can do on snow. I'm sure other people here can think of more hazards for your winter wonderland. I'd be interested in seeing some other rules for arctic terrain.

Whew!! Well I hope that all helps. When you finish your board post some pics so we can see it.

Originally Posted by Nova
"Warning: Possible side-effects include: Armor Penetration, vaporisation, localised crater formation, vehicular exit-wounds, charred husks, slag, ignition of environing atmosphere and occasional death. Staring down barrel may induce nausea and/or explosive diarhea or other flu-like symptoms. Repeated firing while hugging primary coils may result in genetic deteriorations in as much as 12% of the population. Always keep away from face"
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