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Test tubes...
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Old 08 Sep 2004, 09:16   #1 (permalink)
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Default Test tubes...

I got to post a pic of these but I made some of the huge test tube things with like gene projects inside...

I was watching one of my favorite movies and got to thinking that I needed some sort of gene lab battle area SO...

Go to hobby/toy store pick up packets of minature animals/babies/anything cool looking.(Make sure you know if it floats or sinks)
stiff plastic like the type on display boxes(I got these from my nieces birthday party trash lefted over box)
Role plastic into cylinder
Hot glue(and I used super glue) it together and cut to scale with whatever your putting inside.
Seal bottom with same plastic
*Tricky part...
Fill with wateradd food color
*If the animal/thing to be added floats glue some string at bottom
*If the animal/thing to be added sinks glue to roof of cylinder
On the top of cylinder connect the object to be in water to the roof
Then add froof around the bottom and top and you have scenery...

Also a way to do this without water I found was to use electric wire and prop object inside the cylinder..
Then to add color buy colored plastic wrap from hobby store...

Also another hobby tip if you want temple...
Hobby stores sell foam California Mission kits... Buy one and then trick it out 40K style...

For chainlink fences I use screen cut diagonally(So the links are going right way) and top it off with thin wire rolled to look like raizor wire on top of fence.

I am not very good at making natural scenes like forests etc.. I think I like the industrial look for the most part...

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Old 08 Sep 2004, 21:14   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Test tubes...

Cool, post pics soon. I might make one for my upcoming campaign.
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Default Re: Test tubes...

As soon as I stop complusivly buying on Ebay I get a digital camera...

I have a DVD collection around 125 or so....
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Old 05 Nov 2004, 18:46   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Test tubes...

wow....125??? mines only at 27...thats $810 CDN worth of DVDs ;D...

I really should read this forum alot more, it will help me build my own table :P. I like your ideas...I might have to borrow them some time.

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Default Re: Test tubes...

+++Love that idea, very original. Especially relevant if you happen to own a certain Fabius Bile mini lol. Might try making my own take on that idea+++
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