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Default Inspirations

What inspires your terrain?
I ususally use white dwarf terrain articles except I change a couple bits on my own.
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Default Re: Inspirations

at the moment im making a 6' x 4' tyranid board which was inspired by Nemesis at Alton Towers :P

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Default Re: Inspirations

Originally Posted by Davydudeman
What inspires your terrain?
I ususally use white dwarf terrain articles except I change a couple bits on my own.
I usaly find spare bits of foam and plastic. Old computers are a godsend of parts.

But as for boards, the real world.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Inspirations

i got mine from the rule book :P
that and codex city fight and a table at Nexus X in Toronto.
Even Attila the Hun died of a nose bleed.
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Default Re: Inspirations

The real world

Everywhere I go, I think- 'Hey, that would make cool scenery!'

And then I spend the rest of the day in my own little world, thinking about how to make it, paying no attention to everything around me.

The trouble is, I never make it.

To this day, I have never completed a single piece of scenery.

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