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2" Foam and gulleys
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 2" Foam and gulleys

Having worked w/ 2" foam, I was wondering how one can cut gulleys and rivers and such into it? My attempts have led to rough, ugly looking ditches.
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Default Re: 2" Foam and gulleys

Hmmmm. Do you have access to a soldering iron? If so you could very carefully pass it near the foam in the trench - this will melt the surface and smooth things out a bit. You need to be really careful though and not touch the foam nor leave the iron in one place for too long. Once you've got it smoothed out I would set to coating the board because with the surface texture in place (e.g., using sawdust or sand) things will be even smoother. For rivers though it doesn't really matter b/c the bottom is going to be buried under whatever you use to make the water.
Waldo Pepper

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Default Re: 2" Foam and gulleys

Or you could use a jagged peice of wood to carefully gouge the ditches and then just pluck off the loose bits clinging to the sides. Ha Ha carefully gouge, but yeah that would give you a more natural look. I've used a peice of copper pipe to cut uniform straight ditches in foam.
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Default Re: 2" Foam and gulleys

Sandpaper also works when trying to smoothen, and those circular automatic filer things.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 2" Foam and gulleys

For me the best method is to use a specially designed foam wire cutter found at www.hotwirefoamfactory.com. The wire is rigid enough allowing you to shape the bed of the river and make one long continous cut from the beginning to the end of the board. Below is a pic of aboard I made using that wire cutter.

If you dont want to spend the money for the tool. I use one of those retractable blades that you can get at any Home Depot. Cut the sides of the bank. Then extend the blade to about 3 inches and make cross cuts 1 inch at a time all the way up the board. You will have to pull off each piece and it can get tedious. Then sand the bottom with paper to get a smooth surface. Or take some wall filler and cover the bumpy surface to a smooth bottom.

Hope this helps.

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Default Re: 2" Foam and gulleys

looks good Jpbellavance 8)

(what are those white bits?)

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 2" Foam and gulleys

White gravel used for fish tanks.

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