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Trenches and pillboxes galore
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Default Trenches and pillboxes galore

I need some help...

I love pillboxes/bunkers, and the idea of having my troops firing from trenches would be awesome! However, I don't know how to make these. I know how to make some pillboxes and bunkers, but I don't know how to build trenches, and I love trenches!
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Default Re: Trenches and pillboxes galore

I made a trench board. It is real easy. Go on the web and look up WWI trench fighting pics and print out one of the diagrams. This will give you a realistic looking board. To cut I use a hot wire tool purchased from www.hotwirefoamfactory.com. It allows you to mold the shape of the wire into the shape of the cut. So just shape the wire into the depth and thickness of your trench while following a trench pattern that you traced on the foam. I have some pics of my board below.


If you have any other questions let me know.
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Default Re: Trenches and pillboxes galore

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Default Re: Trenches and pillboxes galore

wow, awesome playing field! you just inspired me to make a board for my army ;D
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