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Default tables

tables can be made with many things and can be very detailed. if you just need something that looks good and is easy tho try this. for my table i picked up a cheap folding table from wallworld and some spray on adhesive. i went out in the dessert and collected a freezer bag og the colors of sand i wanted to use. I sprayed dom the top with the adhesive and then spread the sand over it. after pouring the sand i put down a tarp and collected the left over sand and repaeted the process until i had a thick coat of sand and thats it! voila. mine is flat but you could add topography to it by layering the adhesive and sand in certain places you would want a mound or ditch, you could also create definition by making and gluing your hills and trenches,craters and the down before applying your ground base. you can use a lot of things in conversions and the materials in tables are even more numerouse so keep your eyes open and get creative.
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