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Some cliffs
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Old 10 Apr 2005, 21:32   #1 (permalink)
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Default Some cliffs

Heres a pic of my cliifs I made out of pink foam, wich turned out rather well I think...
And if your are pointy with this being a 40k site you just have to ignore the gors that are standing on them :


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Old 10 Apr 2005, 22:00   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Some cliffs

What! Fantasy stuff on a 40K board! >

They look good to me! Well done!

*imagines 40K models on it*

Chaplain Thu'Ook
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Default Re: Some cliffs

they are really easy to do you just need some foam, a good knife (or a foam cutter), and the usuall stuff like glue, sand, and static grass
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Default Re: Some cliffs

Very nice!

Oh, and the cliffs are good too.
Waldo Pepper

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Default Re: Some cliffs

thats a most excellent piece of boulders. I wanna learn how to make those kind of things.

But as I grew up in a family where we try nothing new without knowing it will be good, I cant!
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Default Re: Some cliffs

Cool. I wish I had skillz like that... *sob* :'(

Yeah, I play WoW. So sue me.
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Default Re: Some cliffs

Originally Posted by slai
they are really easy to do.
He isn't being modist. they are easy to do, and any one can do them. You just need a fair degree of patiants, and knowlage. The biggest mistake people make with terain is they try to skimp on materials and time. Provided you keep this in mind and ask a lot of questions there is no reason why you couldn't do somthing simmilar.

I don't want to take away from slai's efforts, because this is a magnificent peace of terrain. However doing somthing simmilar isn't like winning the golden demon; every one can do it.
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Default Re: Some cliffs

@ GOD, yea your right, they are easy to do, the thing is to have the right materials(pink foam), tools(a sharp knife), and time. Though they look as I just placed them in a bunch, but really the assembly step took a long while, just trying to make them *look as I just placed them in a bunch.
The cliffs themselves are easy to do, just cut some foam in random pieces, cut the edge to the point witch itīs hard to see the original shape of the bits, then cut away a bit of the edges so they blend in with the much flatter top. With the whole blade out(on those knifes witch you can extend the blade out of the handle) cut the flat of the cliffs with a sawing motion, so they get some texture, but cut from different angles so it donītīt look.. eh.. manmade. Then cut some of them in half, in a approx. 45 degrees. before you glue them together, paint on basecolor witch does not dissolve the foam, otherwise it can prove very difficult to get the paint everywere, and you do not wish to have some pink foam showing in the deep parts of your cool, black cliffs from the deathworld of Cruixe Alpha do you?? Next up the, time consuming task of getting them together in a way that looks natural but still able to play upon them, I did this by placing the bits in different formations until I found something I liked. Then I photographed the whole thing, took of some of the highest bits, and took another pic, just to make sure that I could glue them in the same positions afterwards. I then got a base of hardboard, sanded the edge down, and started placing the bottom layer(looking at the pics for their positions) of bits, when I was happy with the fit, I glued it on with PVA/white glue. The next layer I added pins made from
paper clips and glued them on, after letting the paint dry a bit on the lower layer. This is repeated to the top. Then I added sand and gavel in the cracks of the cliffs, and around them on the base, lastly I glued on finer sand on the base, all this was done using slightly watered down PVA/white glue. Then I painted the whole thing black in several 2-3(4 in some places)black in several 2-3(4 in some places) coats, with a bit of washing soap in the paint, so it really spreads out evenly, and runs between the grain of sand by it self, so you donīt need to "rub" the color in.
When all was well coated and dried, I used a big flat brush about *2" wide, to drybrush it in codex grey, and then a thin drybrush of white, *This is not the best colors, but it was the only black-grey-white I had. Finally I added some static grass in the same manner as the gravel, also in the deeps cracks, around the base of the cliffs, in places with shade etc.
If you worked yourself trough this long text you should be able to do some cliffs, itīs just patience thatīs needed, and you obviously got what it takes, this was my first try at doing this kind of terrain btw .
Oh! Thx btw!! allways nice to get some feedback

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