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Gonna make my own table
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Default Gonna make my own table

hey guys, me and my brother have decided to finally get started on building our very own custom playing table.

We've already decided we'd like a mountainside kind of concept, seeing as our only armies (currently) are Tau and Dark Eldar, tons of terrain shouldn't be much of a problem.

I don't have any concept drawings I can show you yet, but so far we've come up with these ideas:

-a 6x4 table, with hills on either 6' sides, with a valley/canyon in the middle.
-a bridge connecting the two hills
-access ramps to get on the hills from the valley
-tunnels on the lowest level of the hills, so as to allow relative safe travel along the deployment zones
-watchtowers on both hills (cuz it just looks awesome)
-debris in the valley (tank rubble, etc) to provide cover and not completely expose anything down there

we already have the bridge, some trees and a bunker, however neither of us has much experience with creating scenery and terrain, so if you guys could give us some help in that department, it'd be much appreciated.

ofcourse this table will favor skimmer-based armies heavily, but we still want to be able to play battles against say marines without them being jipped and forced out in the open :P
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Default Re: Gonna make my own table

That Sounds really good so far, if possible please show WIP pics, I'm interested to see how this'll turn out. Have you decided whether your going to have movable terrain or stationary? (I recommend movable terrain because it greatly expands the replayability of the table).

As far as creating hills go IMHO insulation foam makes the greatest hills, all you need are a couple layers of insulation foam (easily acquired at a home-depot or the like) and a hot wire cutter (I found one for 8$ at a Michal's, but you can probably get them at any good hobby shop or craft store. Some good tutorials for working with insulation foam can be found here and here

As far as debris goes, chopped up old sprues and pits mounted on mounds of putty make very effective debris piles once painted.

I hope that helps


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Default Re: Gonna make my own table

excellent help, thanks

yeah, we've decided we want a moveable table, prolly divided up into squares or something of the sort
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