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Default River

Ok guys One Day I was looking at a table under construction at my local GW store and as a joke I said . "You know what would be cool. A working river." Me and the staff member got a laugh out of it. But now I'm trying to think of a way to make it work. Any Ideas?
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Default Re: River

Fairly simple really. You just need to build your river on a slight incline so the water would run down towards a receptical at the end of the table. Then you just get a low power water pump to pump it back to the top, perhaps sculpting a neat waterfall at the other end for the water to come out of. Of course, the river would have to be made to be waterproof, but not that hard to do.
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Default Re: River

Incline to use the force of gravity, having higher/bigger river boreders(sides) uses the force of the pump to push the water in the only direction it can go in.

Well i think the internet might help you accomplish this task. Where to buy pumps and how to set up and what not.
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Default Re: River

A working River doesn't seem very practical ... Would be hard to transport and I doubt it would be good for the minis. :-\

That aside its a cool idea.

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Default Re: River

Even if a working river system isn't good for gameplay, (knocked over models etc. into the water). It would be great for a display diorama for your army.
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Default Re: River

You could seal it with a clear plastic covering so the water wouldn't actually get on anything. It's a cool idea and has been discussed before but it isn't really practical. It's really up to you though. If you get working on it keep us updated.
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Default Re: River

As others have said, it's not practical, but if money is not the issue, then this is how I would go about it.

As the table needs to be level, the terrain its self needs to be tilted only a few degrees to get the direction of water to flow obviously.

The river should be carved into a Styrofoam (Foamcore board) with a hot knife, or simply carved out with a bread knife.

Once you have that done, it gets easy but it's more expensive, as these supplies will drive up the cost of the table.

You need to seal the river bed fomecore, as the foam WILL soak in small amounts of water. You can get rubber sealer for swimming pools, in small cans, it goes on wet, and dries to a rubbery smooth surface. You need to scoop and ply this down with a thick brush, and probably have 2 coats to ensure the bottom will not produce leaks.

Next step: You need a wet based water repellant paint. It's also known as Basement water seal or Dry seal paint. paint the bottom of the river (on top of the rubberized bottom) this would be a final backup coat of one or two passes to ensure that no water gets into the foam, and that the foam on the bottom of the table will not sweat out the water onto your table.

Next stop is the local pet shop/store to buy a pump and fish filter.

You would mount this pump under the table and feed your river into an empty butter dish, place a suction tube from the pump into the bottom dish, and run the 2nd Push side of the pump to the head of the river.

Creatively cover the filling point (like a waterfall or a spring like effect) and that will allow the water to cycle.

Some other concerns..

Water + Electricity is a bad thing. So make SURE the pump is not submerged in water. Make SURE it stays dry.

Water does get old, and it could develop growth, a home pet, might think its a cool place to get water, you could kill your home pet.

Water, can get humans sick too! So make sure you have hand towels around to keep peoples hands dry, bad water + dice falling into the crappy water.. Then people brush their mouth, put dice in their mouth, they get sick.

As cool as it does sound to see it, it's a lot of effort for a very limited effect. With water on the table, people will naturally feel the need to dip fingers and flick water at others.. My 40K Book is $50.00, you get that wet, I am going to jam that board in your butt sideways..

So think before you spend big money on a board, that will cause a lot of unforeseen problems.

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Default Re: River

One more thing I can thing of would be to add a lucite (or glass for that matter) top to the river, this would keep the water in the river and off your models. However this would further complicate and increase the price of your table.
Do not ask which creature screams in the night,
Do not question who waits for you in the shadow.
It is my cry that wakes you in the night,
And my body that crouches in the shadow.
I am Tzeentch and you are the puppet,
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Default Re: River

Wow o_O LordBlackSteel is still alive ? ^_^ J/k, haven't seen u in while mate ^_^.

Ok on the topic ^_^

First I must say few things. Working water is ->

Hard to make. (later on this one)
Hard to move/transport
Bad for models and surrounding terrain.
Finally down right dangerous if u do it wrong. Electricity + Water... not a good mix.

Ok now if all the above didn't stop you. I'll tr to help you. LordBlackSteel proposed a good way to do it. However he some times might be over complicated ^_^.

Ok hear is what I propose. Instead of doing a table with river -> do a peace of Terrain with water inside. This actually might TOTALLY work. In fact I own something like that myself. Sometime ago I bough a small miniature fountain for my mother. It costs like 20 $. Neat little thing. (Ok one side note to make things clear. -> Yes I am straight and Yes I am cheap ass ^_^.)

So this
| |
| | 2
| | \/
| | | 3
| | | \/
| | | |
\ | /
\ | | /

Is hows it works. the thing at bottom is a small water pump. in water tank. Pump errr pumps (surprisingly ^_^) water up the column one. then the column overflows into the column two and then in column 3. Then after third one overflows the water goes back into tank.

So where am I going with this stuff? Well simple. Build a peace of terrain. Buy that fountain, Pump there is VERY small and extremely powerful for its size. 100% waterproof too. Has regulator. Basically for 20$ u will get a "terrain set". There is bunch of neet cool real stones, water pump, water tank and "candle shaped culmns".

Anyway. This is my advise. U want a river system? Well if u have enough stubborness in your head and money in your pockets then go for it. Otherwise, my solution is cheap reliable, safe and will be cool looking if u make it of course ^_^.

So did I help? I sure hope so ^_^. Its a cool idea. but fountain style is the way to go IMO.

P.S. Fontaine does requires some maintains. Change water once a month. Water also will evaporate eventually so at least put some in once in while. I bought that thing in CVS I think. Yeah one more things, it also has lights so u can use them as well. All and all IMO it is not a bad thing at all ^_^

Walk Tall everyone!!!!!

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Default Re: River

A good idea for the river, very interesting..............

Red Dog, are you incapable of good grammar? :P

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