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need help with scale....
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Default need help with scale....

hi all i need help with a scale issue...im trying to build a multi board some thing i can use with warhammer and wwII..ill use rules and make my own like you do...!!!! problem im having is .....i like the warhammer scale 30mm figure's tank's not sure what the proper scale is but i cant seem to find any wwII figures tanks at that scale whatsort of scale should i be looking at as 1/35 too big......not happy with it..... bought some figures painted them so i can use them as a eye judge on buildings..as its going to be a city board ....any ideas is 1/47 scale even close as ive not got one that size to judge..did do a 1/72 scale model plane looked ok till i got the truck out omg...how small is that madness..crazy people making things like that..!!!lol...any wat's any help would be great....
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Default Re: need help with scale....

Well. 1/72 is probably the closest GOOD scale you will get. That is the scale that most of the WWII games today use.

I know that you are knew, but could you please use puncuation and grammer in your statements. It took me like 5 minutes to get what you were saying in your post.

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Default Re: need help with scale....

Please take time to write out your posts in a clear and concise manner. It's hard to read and many people will simply skip over it, which means you won't get answers to your questions.
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Default Re: need help with scale....

1/72 scale is the same as 25mm. Unfortunately, this is often a bit too small for GW related products, which are scaled at 28mm. You need to look for 1/65 scale products. Unfortunately, you're going to have a rough time finding anything to match that scale because there aren't a lot of modeling companies that make items to that scale. I believe there are one or two, but I can't remember the names. Just try googling 1/65 or 1/64 scale models.
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