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Easy to make board
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Easy to make board

Ok my friend and i are the only warhammer players in our area so we set out to make some playing boards because a table isn't every time.

All you need to make the field is palletes, cardboard, felt, and many staples

To get the palletes you can just go to the back of a big store and ask, and while getting the palletes you can also get the cardboard.
For the felt you can go to a tailors shop and buy it cheap

Once you get the materials all you have to do is lay the cardboard over the palletes and cut it down to size with scissors. once it fits start to staple the cardboard to the pallete. then lay the felt over the pallete make sure it hangs over the edges make cuts at the corners so that it folds then pull it under and staple underneath.

my friend and i have four of these two are green and two are sandish colors it looks really nice and i'll post some pictures for you guys later.

if you have any questions please ask.
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Default Re: Easy to make board

If you can, please post some pics sounds like you have I nice simple (and very cheap which is always good) game board

If you can tek to get some of the saw horses from your DIY hardware store and you'll have a good table
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Default Re: Easy to make board

By us there is no DIY hardware store, we have out travel almost and hour and 1/2 to find a hobby shop to buy all terrian. And it's more of a 7' high pallate as oppsed to a table..
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