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Cities of Death, basing materials
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Default Cities of Death, basing materials

I am in the joyous process of constructing some half-dozen CoD plastic ruin sets and I decided to masterclass them. Problem is, I'm going to need to find something to base them on and I don't mean cardboard. I'm looking for something not too thick and of good quality.

Any ideas terrain Gods?
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Default Re: Cities of Death, basing materials

I'd say, use Triplex.
On desperate occasions: I once sawed one of my dads painting in half to use it as the base for a castle I'm building for Warhammer Fantasy.
The relation with my dad notwithstanding, It made a very good base, Triplex.

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Default Re: Cities of Death, basing materials

Masonite, or MDF. It's thin and durable. You should find it at most hardware stores. I mentioned it not too long ago because it won't warp when PVA glue is applied to it like cardboard will.
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Default Re: Cities of Death, basing materials

MDF is great and what I used to base all my city terrain that wasn't rubble piles (I just used foamcore for that).

Go to any woodcutting place like Home Depot with all the information you need for each piece and they'll cut it for you. The only hard part with MDF is rounding off the edges if that's what you plan to do….you need special tools to do as it wears down saws very quickly.
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