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Base Decorating
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Default Base Decorating

Hey guys,

I recently got a lesson in assembling, priming, and painting Tau Fire Warriors and I have successfully completed my first team of 6 of them along with a Crisis Suit. They look great (pics will come up soon) but they are somewhat lacking due to the blank base they are situated on. Most armies consist of nicely decorated bases that I admire greatly. So now, to the main question, what is the best way to go about decorating bases? Are there any specific materials needed? Are there any online guides that are useful while approaching this task?


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Default Re: Base Decorating

Here's how I go about doing it...

Step one: Paint the base with glue
Step Two: Dip in Sand (I actually use ballast; it gives it a different more "rocky" look)
Step Three:Paint with a base color (I use a combination of snakebite leather and chaos black)
Step Four: Dry brush with a lighter color (I use snakebite/bleached bone mix)
Step Five: Add static grass, or I use clump foliage...ends up looking like this:

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Default Re: Base Decorating

Well i did a simple basing tutorial which was said to be a god idea so maybe you might wanna use it.

You'll find the link here--- http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=45234.0
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Default Re: Base Decorating

Ok. First off, you want to gather your materials. Go to some place around where you live, maybe your street or road you live on and get some sand. If you can't find any just go to a local playground. You want this to very fine for it to work well. This generally works for most types of bases. Heres what you would buy if you didn't want to go and find it yourself.


or this


Either one of these would work just fine, but the sand you get from your driveway is free and looks more natural.

Now, you will want to paint the base the color you will want it. Normal colors used are greens, browns, and sometimes blacks.

What you want to do is put your sand, flock, etc, in a small bin or tub ( I use a gladware bin). This is so you can (dip) you models in it. You will then want to get some elmer's glue and spread it on the top, flat part of the base. You then hold the model and set it in the tub and swish it around a few times. Pull it out and let it dry for a while. You may then want to drybrush it with various earth colors starting with scorched brown, then darkflesh, and then graveyard earth.

Something else you may want to consider in the future is to base them before you paint them so you get to prime the basing material you are using.

Heres another tutorial that has several different types of basing for different landscapes. They all turn out pretty good. ( I have tried them) ; )


Heres a thing that tells you about all of the different modeling materials you may use in the future.


As you move on into the hobby, you will find that you may want to do more compelling bases for your minis. Heres two sites that have cool ways to make bases a little more dynamic and more intriging.




Well, I hope some of this has made a bit of sense to you and I can't wait to see some pictures of your finished models.


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Default Re: Base Decorating

I don't got any pics of the steps, but I know the ultimate basing technique.

1; Mix PVA glue with your basing material (MUST BE FINE such as; Earth, Sand) till you get a paté like consistency.

2; Apply this mix heavily over the whole base so you get 1-2cm high layer with Sand-PVA Paté. Quickly dip this into your raw basing material you used in the PVA to make it Paté. If you want things like rocks, city fight details, pipes or any simillar I suggest you add that into the Paté before you do anything else.

3; When you've done this, let it cure 15-20minutes, then stick your mini (without base or slot-plank. Only foots allowed, or whatever your models stands on) into the mix. If you do this to early, Paté will get stuck on the mini and ruin the effect. You do this to have the model sink down into the base and not hover above it, to make everything look more natural.

4; Let everything cure, take a knife if you feel to do this extra step and cut of any excees Paté that have rooled down on the sides of the base

5; Basecoat, Paint, glue your mini on. Get astonished.

This is about how it looks (currently PIP for my skaven Mordheim warband)
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Default Re: Base Decorating

Thanks for all the help, I wasn't aware of all the guides that were available. I'm definitely going to test these methods on my space marines that I got through my painting kit (beginner's painting kit comes with three Space Marine Models).


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Default Re: Base Decorating

-There is a good way to bases,but you have to be good at sculpting,Milliput,it`s like green stuff but you get more and it`s easier to use-

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Default Re: Base Decorating

I do it in a really simple way:
1 - Pain the base with watered down white glue
2 - Dip the base into sand
3 - Glue some static grass to the base, and one or two little rocks

I don't have pics of the base details, but I'll post some pics of my minis to show the results

My gallery on deviantArt
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