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Making a terrain board...(Forest question)
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Default Making a terrain board...(Forest question)

I've got a 4x8 board in the works, and I was thinking about making some modular terrain for it, but I'm a bit confused. I'll admit I haven't taken a very good look in the rulebook for this yet, but I was thinking of a modular forest. Now, how big should I make it? How many trees count as a forest? And the obvious one, the trees need to be spaced far enough apart to put models in the forest, yes?

I think I might be making it too difficult...but I wanted to have usable terrain that didn't screw with unit coherency or was too small to be sufficient cover or anything like that. ???

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Default Re: Making a terrain board...(Forest question)

Ok, take it as -> I haven't read anything about that either ;D, but this is what I think.

Do you want the whole board? or just a piece?

If board... heck mate, you are up for a treat... It isn't easy to make a whole board like that, plus it got draw backs. It has a few modeling possibilities... I mean its glued to th e table and it limits the verity of ways that you can arrange it...

If its a piece... I will be making one myself... IMO just take a model (SM preferably, as they are "average" and model around it. So think about how coherency and being covered or movements will going to happen... Since you playing Tau, you might want to use Crisis suit as well, so you will not end up making the board for someone else ;D

Ok This is my small advise mate

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Default Re: Making a terrain board...(Forest question)

Here's what I recommend, cut the board in half. Having two 4x4 boards is really convenient. You can store them easier and easily set them side by side when you need a full sized table or just use one for smaller games. Second, I would suggest making sections that are 1'x1' or 2'x2'. I would get some insulation foam and use maybe 1 inch thick layers for the base of each section and you can easily build up hills and whatnot with more foam. For a forest I think you can decide how dense it needs to be. I would think you would want it to where your models can actually be placed within the forest so maybe leave 2-3 inches between trees. You also may want to consider GW's sectional terrain that they are releasing soon. Knowing GW it may be a little pricey but it looks really good.

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