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[Tutorial] Hiveworld/ Industrial Table
Old 29 May 2007, 03:41   #1 (permalink)
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Default [Tutorial] Hiveworld/ Industrial Table

I finally got all the supplies I needed and found some time to get to work on my Necromunda table. I have two tutorials done for two of the bigger buildings I've made. The first is a massive four story tower and the second is a refinery type building.

Tools and materials needed:

Foam core board
Hot glue gun
Guper glue
Hobby knife
Wire cutters
PVC piping
Cities of Death plastic sets
Hexagon Platform Terrain kit
Necromunda bulkheads
Random computer parts and various other bits
Electrical boxes(optional)

I started out by making my bases. I made four 12"x12" bases out of cardboard.

Once I had my bases cut I started building the tower. I used a part leftover from a computer I had just built which worked great as the foundation for the tower and I used a large Pringles can for the spine of the tower. I cut the three floors out of plasticard, making each one smaller the higher up on the tower it goes. The first is 10"x10" then 8"x8" and finally 6"x6". Once I had them cut out I traced a circle in the center of each using the Pringles can as a template and then cut slightly inside the circle ensuring the the pieces would fit properly. Next I cut the square levels in hexagons and then test fitted the pieces on the can using Necromunda bulkheads to space them out 3" for each floor.

I then started adding plasticard to the first floor and glued the bottom level Necromunda bulkheads in place.

On each floor I changed the direction the bulkheads faced to different angles on each floor. I added some straws to the Pringles can to represent smaller pipes running through the structure.

Finally I added detail plastic pieces from the Hexagon terrian kit as well as some PVC piping for the top of the spire.

This piece was actually fairly easy to make, the only trouble I ran into was getting the hexagons symmetrical. This is pretty tough when using foam core and I ended up not having the hexagons be perfectly symmetrical but good enough for gameplay.


My next piece was somewhat more intricate. I wanted to create a refinery type structure and use a large computer fan I pulled out of my old computer. I also used some electrical boxes I got at the hardware store, which not only work great for buildings but can be useful for holding tools. You simply need to saw off the side pieces, the one on the right has them removed.

I started out shaping the the bottom floor which is roughly 6"x6". It also has a doorway taken from the Manufactorum box set.

I then added the floor with a piece of thick plasticard(.080)

My camera's batteries died, so no pics for a bit but I glued the electrical boxes to the sides of the building. I also glued some flooring from the Hexagon kit and some CoD plastic bits on as well. I smoke stack type piece I made out of PVC pipe and another plastic tube.

I glued down walkways on each Electrical box and had them overhang about half and inch. This will allow me to place catwalks on them securely when setting up the terrain for gameplay.

I added the second story the same way as the first, only smaller. I glued the computer fan in place and added plasticard(.020) around the sides of the fan to make it blend in better with the rest of the structure. I added more plastic bits to the second story.

Finally I added tiny detail plastic bits and PVC piping here and there until I was satisfied with the overall look of the building.

This one took alot longer to build than the first one. I think alot of it had to do with me not sketching out a general schematic, which I normally do. I ran into a roadblock when building the second story and test fitted alot of configurations before settling on the one I used. So always have a plan before you get to work, it will save you time.

These are the first two buildings for my table although I plan to make quite a few more. I will post pictures for them but I'm not sure if I will do tutorials for each. I will do a painting tutorial for at least one of the buildings once I am ready to paint them. So keep an eye on this thread, there's still alot more hiveworld madness coming in the future.

Any questions, comments, criticisms or suggestions are always welcome. So let me know what you think.

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Default Re: [Tutorial] Hiveworld/ Industrial Table

I really REALLY like the second building. The first one is awesome, but the second one is incredible. Can't wait to see more...
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Old 29 May 2007, 05:20   #3 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: [Tutorial] Hiveworld/ Industrial Table

So far so good man, it'll be awesome to see the whole thing finished. And I might actually start this project with my friend ^_^
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Old 29 May 2007, 14:19   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: [Tutorial] Hiveworld/ Industrial Table

Wow, you certainly have the eye for where to put the right piece in the right place!

Personally I would have put the fan on the side so it would be more cinematic, but I have to agree that it's more practical to have the fan on top.

Are you going to make any habs or machine shops? And also, can I see some of your catwalks?
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Old 29 May 2007, 18:19   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: [Tutorial] Hiveworld/ Industrial Table

Thanks for the comments. I'm kind of stuck at the moment on what to make next. There's not really a whole lot of places to look for Necro terrain to draw inspiration from.

@ Sanders, I actually tried to find a place to put it on the side just because I thought it would look cooler but it didn't really fit right anywhere. I do have another smaller fan I'm going to use on another building and I'll make sure and put it in a wall somewhere. I don't really have any concrete ideas for the next buildings, I'm going to go watch Blade Runner and see if I can get some inspiration. I also haven't made the catwalks yet. I haven't decided if I'll use the CoD flooring or make my own with foam core and plasticard but I'll make some when I make the next building. Hopefully I can get to work on another one tonight.
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Old 29 May 2007, 19:19   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: [Tutorial] Hiveworld/ Industrial Table

Wow, I find inspiration for Necromunda everywhere I look, but where I live is a pretty urban setting.

I would suggest making some water/sludge pumps for your hiveworld.

And if you need internet pictures for inspiration, might I suggest doing a google image search for refineries and factories?

(sorry for the big pic)

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Default Re: [Tutorial] Hiveworld/ Industrial Table

Wow, there's really something that appeals to me about pipe-y madness, tubes and walkways galore.

Refineries are an awesome idea, BTW.
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Old 30 May 2007, 18:40   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: [Tutorial] Hiveworld/ Industrial Table

That's some awesome work EoAT!

Have you used cardboard to base before? I find it warps the second I put a base coat on it...how do you plan on counteracting the warping effect?

I usually use MDF for my larger structures, but I'm finding that Foamcore makes a pretty good base as well.
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Old 30 May 2007, 20:51   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: [Tutorial] Hiveworld/ Industrial Table

I actually used a thinner cardstock for these, but I haven't run into too much of a problem with warping bases. But I would suggest maybe taping down the very edges and base coating before assembling anything on it and see if the tape will keep it from warping. As for foamcore bases, I actually had planned on making the bases foamcore at first but I would have been in short supply using it for the buildings and bases and I had alot of postal boxes piling up so I used cardstock.
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Default Re: [Tutorial] Hiveworld/ Industrial Table

Very inspiratonal work, might have to get some plastic GW-build sets
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