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Tau Objective Marker/Crash Site
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tau Objective Marker/Crash Site

I'm sure most of you have seen the 'Rules of Engagement' article on the UK GW website
Rules of Engagement

Since Objective markers play an important part in this article I decided to have a crack at making one for my Tau. I wanted to create something original that I would be able to use it in normal games of 40k and use it when using the RoE stuff. So I decided to make an Air Caste escape pod crash*site using the uncrewed pod from the Barracuda.

Not only is it great for a objective marker in RoE based games, I can also use it to spruce up my battlefield should*my Barracuda be shot down*>

I also made an emergency beacon from a couple of spare Pulse Carbines and Bond-knife to add a bit of character. The pictures below show the scenery piece with one of my Tau'ri Sept Air Caste pilots.

The ejector pod is removable and can be placed in the Barracuda for scenarios where the Barracuda is used as scenery itself. Let me know what you think of this simple little piece of terrain.


Originally Posted by Nova
"Warning: Possible side-effects include: Armor Penetration, vaporisation, localised crater formation, vehicular exit-wounds, charred husks, slag, ignition of environing atmosphere and occasional death. Staring down barrel may induce nausea and/or explosive diarhea or other flu-like symptoms. Repeated firing while hugging primary coils may result in genetic deteriorations in as much as 12% of the population. Always keep away from face"
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Default Re: Tau Objective Marker/Crash Site

nice Idea, I still prefer the good old Aun myself.
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Default Re: Tau Objective Marker/Crash Site

pretty good; might even make a scenario out of it, like the aun rescue mission or something.
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Default Re: Tau Objective Marker/Crash Site

Very cool idea. I don't really like the paint job (the grass ??? in particular) but that might be in part due to the photo (did you use a flash? It looks like it).
Waldo Pepper

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