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Eldar City?
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Default Eldar City?

my friend and I ( must use proper grammer) wanted to make an Eldar city of some sort, but in the first place, do they even have cities? Second if they do, what would dey look like?
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Default Re: Eldar City?

They do have cities.. they are called craftworlds... :P

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Default Re: Eldar City?

which happen to be city sized space ships... so in theory yes you could, but it wouldn't be a section of city per se, it would be a section of a space ship :/

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Default Re: Eldar City?

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Default Re: Eldar City?

The best way to get that info is perhaps to strife the GW pages. they usually have tons of articles covering this stuff!
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Default Re: Eldar City?





might help a bit.
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