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Imperial Communications Station
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Imperial Communications Station

Well I couldn’t sleep last night so I broke out my tools and decided to build a bunker. I rummaged through some old trash and found a couple of pieces of packing styrofoam and some foamcore. I then grabbed some old sections of Armorcast pipe and went to work.

Here are the materials.

I them assembled the basic structure and mixed a base coat of grey to give it a concrete look.


Then I applied a few different shades of grey, some lighter some darker, to give it a weathered look and added some spare sprue and bits.

Next I did some metalic and brown drybrushing and threw in a few things from some vehicle accesory sprues along with a sattelite dish made from a tank barrel and a vehicle base. Heres the finished product.

It took about four hours and cost less than five dollars in parts. Sorry for the *poopy* pics, my camera sucks.

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Default Re: Imperial Communications Station

Excellent piece of terrain, nicely done!
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

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Default Re: Imperial Communications Station

good job.
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Default Re: Imperial Communications Station

Very kool man, i like it when i see a good peice of terian.
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Default Re: Imperial Communications Station

For four hours that is one nice piece of terrain! Nice one. Oh, please edit out expletives.
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