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Craftworld table
Old 02 Mar 2007, 20:32   #1 (permalink)
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Default Craftworld table

Me and my friends were discussing making a craftworld table. How would we go about doing this? I do know what Craftworlds look like, I dunno what they look like on the INSIDE though...
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Craftworld table

as far as I know, they look like any other world...with Eldar buildings :P

and if you plan on making an entire Craftworld board...I'll start on my end :P
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Default Re: Craftworld table

Ever watch gundam wing? The space colonies are how I imagine craft worlds, except all eldarific.
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Default Re: Craftworld table

Buildings are gem filled and smooth, just like eldar designs should be. Otherwise I don't know.
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Default Re: Craftworld table

This GW link may or may not help http://us.games-workshop.com/games/4...ns/default.htm

Originally Posted by kingofmonkeys
ever watch gundam wing the space colonies are how imagine craft worlds except all eldarific
That's how I've pictured craft worlds as well
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Old 28 Mar 2007, 16:09   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Craftworld table

Luy22> I am working on this same type of board too! My ball park figure to be half desert like, and half green grassy spots.

My budget is about $250.00 for my table..

I'll post pics, when the project begins.

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Old 28 Mar 2007, 17:09   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Craftworld table

I'm working on an Exodite set of terrain. Stone circles, mounds, etc. However, a Craftworld you be insane! What I'd do is star collecting anything is a curved shape (bowls, soda bottles, anything) and then start adding the Eldar style "points" to it. Likewise, you'll need some spires as well. It would be very cool to have things like the Dome of the Crystal Seers (with crystalized Farseer statues) or a forest dome - with woods inside. Wow. I might have to do one at some point...
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Default Re: Craftworld table

All buildings are made of Wraithbone, even the floor, a section of the map should be a forest, most likely with a path running through it. For cities of Death sewer markers should always be in every building, representing the underlevels of the craftworld. hope this gives you an idea or two!
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Default Re: Craftworld table

A craftworld is a dome stadium - esque.
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Default Re: Craftworld table

Well they are pretty much just big cities with sleak sides and such... I dont think there is any grass or organic stuff on CW so you just need to know how to do wraithbone...
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