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Warpgate Table
Old 17 Feb 2007, 00:35   #1 (permalink)
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Default Warpgate Table

I had a weird idea and I don't think I'll build it so I figured I would post it to see if it inspired anyone.

The idea is that there is a MASSIVE warpgate dead center in the table and spans to both table edges. One side of the table is a green lush field, the other is a twisted mirror of it but demonified.

This would be great for that epic battle everyone loves to have. Details could include a pond on the green side, and onthe demon side it is lava. The connection between the area is burned and glowing(where the portal is).
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Default Re: Warpgate Table

thats... not a bad idea! i'd love to see if youcould pull it off!

Though it may throw people deployment wise

And w00t! first read and first post!
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Default Re: Warpgate Table

Sounds neat. I say go for it.
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Default Re: Warpgate Table

ditto It sure would be a great project and a real eye popper when finished
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Old 18 Feb 2007, 20:45   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Warpgate Table

Sounds Awsome and Amazing!
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Old 19 Feb 2007, 13:46   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Warpgate Table


Great idea. In fact, one of the tables at my local gaming stores looks almost exactly the same as that!

I could snap a picture or two if you want.
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Default Re: Warpgate Table

It's a great idea, post pictures when you'll have them Toastmaster :P
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Default Re: Warpgate Table

This is kinda like my idea for a table (2 actually)

Well you play up against a wall or curtain, 2 tables and you have a 5 people game, 2 on each team and one reff. The other side cant see what your army is doing, due to the curtain (the warpgate) and so startagies can actually be made, and the ref prevents cheating...
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