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Warp Gate (Update)
Closed Thread
Old 31 Jan 2007, 23:32   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Warp Gate (Update)

A few days ago after watching a few episodes of Stargate SG-1 (or Atlantis i can't remember) I was inspired to make a Warp or Stargate and I figured I could make it fit with my (exceedingly slowly) growing army of necrons. My problem now is how to paint it? It's for a necron army but I'm not to sure I want a green and black scheme. Comments or suggestions are welcome.




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Old 31 Jan 2007, 23:41   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Warp Gate (large pics)

First of all, thats really cool!

Second of all, I am really not that knowledgable about necron schemes. It would probally have a black singe around the middle part of the circle (From the warp). You definitely need to have silver in there but not green. Black would also be a nice color if you could pull it off.
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Old 01 Feb 2007, 02:07   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Warp Gate (large pics)

First of all, nice job.

Second of all, use the scheme from the show, only where the chevrons are use green instead of the maroon color.

Third of all, don't forget the dialer!
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Default Re: Warp Gate (large pics)

i'd like the idea of a TAU warp gate hmmm.....
sounds like a project!!!
(i'm cool) 8)
yes... i am mr cool aren't i, take a picture if you must....

i really need to find myself some poker chips.....

OH.MY.GOD. its a giant multi-coloured straight jacket!

cool.... UBER TAU DUDES!...
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i might copy a few those....
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Default Re: Warp Gate (large pics)

tau dont respond the warp, so no. necrons don't like the warp or psykers either, so no. but a Portal thats not warp based still fit the necrons, green energy and stuff.

so, this looks very nice!. paint the necrons dark, to make the glowing green stand out
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Old 01 Feb 2007, 10:53   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Warp Gate (large pics)

metalic black (gloss)

If you remembered many years ago an artical on dark eldar where they showed you how to paint faded waves. that would look awsome

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Default Re: Warp Gate (large pics)

StarGate anyone? ;D
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Default Re: Warp Gate (large pics)

Originally Posted by King Winter
StarGate anyone? ;D
Did you read the post where he said that it was inspired by the show?

Anyways that looks Fantasic Flaming Aun. I really like it, you've done a great job. Is that just made out of foamcore? Also would be annoyed if I "borrowed" your idea?

For painting I would suggest something dark, a glossy black sounds good, with green details painted on.
Originally Posted by heliodorus04
Falstead, you're a genius!
Originally Posted by Farseer_Emlyn
Gah! Not a silly Canadian. Can't Falstead ever be wrong?!?!? ;D
Originally Posted by Rafe (Autarch Kiardras)
My god.... the sarcasm there nearly shorted out my computer screen Nice.
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Default Re: Warp Gate (large pics)

That is.... AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Stargate theme runs through head*
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Default Re: Warp Gate (large pics)

Originally Posted by King Winter
StarGate anyone? ;D

"My lord, Chevron 7 is locked"

"Excellent.., Necron 1 you have a go".

lolz ^-^
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Originally Posted by Tim.
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