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Rhino into terrain
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Default Rhino into terrain

So, a friend of mine just recently sold an old-style rhino to me, in addition to some bits for about $10 US, and I was thinking about turning it into a terrain piece, any suggestions?
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Default Re: Rhino into terrain

Put a fire crackere under it and light it. Or you could put it in a rubble pile with all the doors and hatches ripped open like someone was trying to get in or out of it.
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Originally Posted by The Muffinator (1shot1kill)
Simply put - paint your damn minis! ;D

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Default Re: Rhino into terrain

How about this?

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Default Re: Rhino into terrain

Try cutting the bottom of it to a slant, gluing it to a terrain board or base (base should look like ice or a swamp) and then cut holes in it to make it look half blown up and finally paint it to make it look rusted and abandoned.
That's just one idea, why don't you google it?
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Default Re: Rhino into terrain

Put it on a table, take a clean crack at it with a sludge hammer on the top, and glue it onto a base in that exact position. Paint it like normal except with some burnt marks around the sludge hammer's impact area (this impact is going to be thought of as a blown off chunk, and thus it should be burnt slightly).

Instant bombarded Rhino piece.
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Default Re: Rhino into terrain

Set fire to it, seriously, I've got an old unpainted Leman Russ and I will be using that for Terrain.

Should I use Deodorant as an accelerant? I don't want the thing to blow up and have a Leman Russ turret sticking outta my head! :funny:
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