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How do you glue terrain down?
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Default How do you glue terrain down?

Ok everyone, I've had my share of gluing them down with the PVA glue, but I think I'm doing something wrong. I put the PVA glue on by holding the actual bottle and squeezing it out. All I did next was get an old paintbrush and brush it around.

Are you supposed to use a paintbrush, cause I just wiped the glue off and dipped it in water, and dried it.

I used GW modeling sand thats it, and some extra debris I had bought (some bricks for Jerren Kell)
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Default Re: How do you glue terrain down?

I happen to prefer Elmers glus (much less expensive, and holds just as well, if not better). otherwise you did it right...
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Default Re: How do you glue terrain down?

I also use Elmers. A tip: Just let the glue go on the base and then dip in baseing. Don't fool around with water.
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Default Re: How do you glue terrain down?

If you have a problem with bits coming loose, there a two usual ways to 'seal' the base so that the basing material stays *on* the base.

1. Apply basing material before undercoating, the spray will act as a sealant to hold the sand on.
2. Thinned down PVA (1:1.5 Water:PVA) brushed over the entire base, a slightly stronger seal than method 1.

Hope that helped.
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Default Re: How do you glue terrain down?

I second Ravanger's method but all the above methods work even yours
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