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How to make a City of Death
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Default How to make a City of Death

How should I go about this? I don't want to spend the big bucks on the plastics but I want a beautiful city. My modeling skills are second-rate at best and I cant find any good materials. I don't want to buy any so I have to use what what I can get from packing foam. I have a few buildings and stuff and a layout but other then that I'm lost.

And if anyone needs a good layout or a COD, look at a computer motherboard. It is really good inspiration.
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Default Re: How to make a City of Death

Lol computer mother board ;D

I am in the same situation as you, I only bought six buildings and am planning to build a 6' by 6' board, woops :

I then discovered that if I can make some decent terrain to fit in with the COD plastic kits you can make a few buildings look like a ton of buildings. An examply would be buying one manufactorum, putting it on a large tall base, at least an inch think and 2' by 1' and the surround it by oil drums, large oil drums and maybe a pump hooked up to a drum. And then you could get some hosing going, and just go crazy .

See what I mean?


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Default Re: How to make a City of Death

Try looking around at least a little bit. There are many CoD threads here. I have a tutorial on making CoD terrain. Look for " How to make cities of death terrain with polystrene trays." It's probably somewhere in the middle of the first page. That should get you started.

As for finding materials, I'd call around to businesses that use packing trays and ask if they have any you could get. I'm sure the stuff gets thrown away all the time.
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Default Re: How to make a City of Death

Foam board/card it's the same thing, fairly cheap and easy to use it's about 5mm to 10mm thick.

draw some templates so you can use the same repeating patten in your "city" make sure you have a sharp knife other wise the outer card with tair use pva glue and use pins to hold your structer togeather this also gives your terrain an uniformed look.

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Default Re: How to make a City of Death

INSPIRATION!! ;D > 8) ??? : :P :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'( > ^-^


There is also a step by step guide on that thread (not just pics at top)

Hope it is helpful ;D
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