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Basing questions
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Default Basing questions

Ok I have dark blue Tua so i was thinking uraban syle bases any cheap way to do these or a good flock that locks like cracked pavement or a painting technech even.

I wa thinking about painting grey and flocking with kitty litter. Dunno how well that would work out though.
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Default Re: Basing questions

you could base it with sand, then do a black basecoat on the sand with a codex gray dry-brushed highlight.
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Default Re: Basing questions

or go to some hobby or hardware shop near you and either find some realy cheap slate chips, sometimes they give them out free or bark chips (Careful, dont use wood chips as they look so cleanly cut, the bark looks liek a natureal boulder) and then paint them grey and highlight
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Default Re: Basing questions

you can buy them from a store on ebay australia for pretty cheap prices.

Heres the link
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