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Thinking of starting city board
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Old 17 Oct 2006, 15:45   #1 (permalink)
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Default Thinking of starting city board

i was think of starting a city board
should i buy a city set thing from GW
or make my own terrian
im not to good at modelling

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Default Re: Thinking of starting city board

Well do what you want really...you got the CoD sets but those are exspensive for a plastic building when you can make your own bunker or bombed out building useing a shoebox,some foam,an exacto knife,and lots of plastic sprues to be ground up.

I would suggest you make one thing on your own and see how it goes,if you feel confident make more,if not go ahead and buy the CoD set....both are pretty good choices if you ask me.
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Default Re: Thinking of starting city board

Cityfight tables are fun to make. And not necesserly expensive at all.
Go to your local toy-store. They are sure to have plastic castles/buildings/etc.
And to very reasonable prices. I have seen people with boards made mainly out of Playmo and similar plastic castles. Like "medieval" cityfight.
They might look silly to buy, but when you have sprayed and painted them, they look great.
Have a look around. You might be surprised of what you may find.
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