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Need help achieveing a Icey Deathworld
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Default Need help achieveing a Icey Deathworld

Well, I would like my board to match my Tau paint scheme, and they are black armoured with bleach bone cloth. I want to achieve a feel like there was just a blizzard and time for war is short, before another devastating blizzard hits again. Help please?
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Default Re: Need help achieveing a Icey Deathworld

arnd christmas, stores sell a product that is a spray kn fake snow, this is excellent for making snow table. Build a bunch of themed buildings, and any other terrain features you want. glue sand, flock and whatever aswell. Then get on one side of the table and start spraying, try to imitate the way wind would stick snow to the sides of buildings. touch of places you missed and paint things you think need it.
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