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Imperial City thoughts
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Default Imperial City thoughts

I bought the big Imperial City box when it first came out, and finally got the time, over the weekend, to put my buildings together (While watching football).

My thoughts:

Overall, I'm impressed with the kits. There's a decent amount of stuff that you can do with them.

I think that there were too few broken-end bits compared to inner-wall bits, and I never felt like I had enough floor pieces. I ended up with two buildings that will be considered Impassable Terrain, because at the end of the project, I still had 48 Inner-wall pieces, and no rubbled-edges left to make them into ruins.

At first glance, they seem very simple to build with, but, as you get more complex, you find that you have to do a certain amount of trimming to get things to fit together neatly. The ceiling tiles seemed just slightly too big for the walls, and as you made longer walls, this difference compounded so that things didn't fit together well at the edges. I think that's really only a problem making buildings more than three sections on a side though.

I like the variety of little extras - the exterior lighting and railings and buttresses for the edges. I think they go a long way to filling out the buildings too.

All said, I got nine buildings of various sizes out of my box, mostly two-story ruins, but there's a three-story intact tower, and a third-story watchtower on one of the ruins too, as well as a single one-story ruin which used up the last of the bits.

I shall post some pictures when I get them painted.
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