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Imp...no, Tau buildings!
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Old 04 Jul 2006, 03:32   #1 (permalink)
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Default Imp...no, Tau buildings!

Alright, Im essentially making my first table worth of terrain....fluffwise, its an icy world taken from the imperials by a decent tau force, then cut off in the damocles crusades. So, imp basic style, but under new ownership.

Id also kill for it to be multi-level...an elevated highway, perhaps a nice tunnel, etc.

Im probably going to pick up a couple of the CoD buildings to set the general feel, and Ive built some tank traps and a bunker(pics after I paint em), but am running sort on ideas. Im thinking perhaps a guard house and a barracks, but I haven't a clue after that.

Perhaps some sort of aircraftish area?

Oh, and please reccomend some good colors, I use midnight blue/sunburst yellow on my models, and I want the terrain to look good in snow.
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Default Re: Imp...no, Tau buildings!

Round the Corners. All Tau buildings have round corners. Furthermore, they should all flow. Not much more to say than that. Eagerly awaiting prelim pics!
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Default Re: Imp...no, Tau buildings!

Since it's taken over, I imagine there was a period when outposts was the predominant buildings (together with ammo depots), so one of those would be expected.
Sort of a small western fort built in Tau style.

For some reason I see an entire wall used as gate, where the Tau force storm out in concert to attack. (prebattle training already done, so everyone already know what to expect -now get there and do it...)
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Default Re: Imp...no, Tau buildings!

Take a large doffee can, saw down the middle (with perfect precision, wouln't be that hard if you have a saw and some masking tape), paint, and voi-la! You have two barracks/shelters/outpost buildings! Use some matt blue, white or light green maybe for the main colour, then maybe you could add stylized tau writing in a sprayed-on, army-looking way.
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Old 04 Jul 2006, 23:43   #5 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Imp...no, Tau buildings!

an oatmeal container would work well also. and you might be able to get 4 short buildiong from one can or 2 long ones, pending on the size of terrain you need.

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Default Re: Imp...no, Tau buildings!

Nice idea.
Im going to make an ice world set of terrain one day 2.

First im doin battlefield though

You could also try to make impassible terrain by taking a squad of something ( Guards in ure case ) put m on a plasticard sheet thats 6 by 4 or something and let them stand there frozen.

Like they where out on patrol and caught of guard by a blizzard storm or something
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