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easy fold away terrain
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Old 12 May 2006, 13:15   #1 (permalink)
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Default easy fold away terrain

right ive read quite a few threads of ppl sayin need boards and stuff
well heres the alternative the great old WALLPAPER TABLE available at diy stores and if u live in england wilkinsons for bout 6 quid jus build a small amout of landscape on to this like a few hills and rocks maybe even a river and when your done gaming jus fold up and it could go under ur bed on ur wardrobe or jus leave it leaning on ur wall to one side this idea has worked wonders for me seeing as i have tonn ( and i mean tonns ) of landscape and about 5 boards but the table works best.

another suggestion would be carpet tiles or 2"x2" mdf boards this way you can arrange the board different ways each time and can be stored easily this is another thing i have done i jus use grey carpet tiles for cityfighting
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: easy fold away terrain

interesting idea. just a note don't work with too much mdf we learned about it in my resistant materials gcse class and aparently it can give you cancer if you work with it to much... damn wood!
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Default Re: easy fold away terrain

..And the New York subway is proven to cause cancer in mice.

The simple answer to cancer scares (usually caused by reports about professionals being subjected to material X 8 hrs/day for long periods) is good Ventilation and Brains.
Take a break every now and then, and ventilate you brain.

But the carpet/tile tip was a good one!
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Default Re: easy fold away terrain

Is not the wallpapertable kind of long and thin?
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Default Re: easy fold away terrain

yeah they are but if u fel like u needed more width u could jus buy another wallpaper table and put them side by side
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