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A completely portable/storable scene. board
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Old 14 Feb 2006, 00:52   #1 (permalink)
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Default A completely portable/storable scene. board

Hello, me and my friend (Lt.Elk, he is kinda new as am i ;D) are building as the title says a completely portable and storbale 5x4 scenery board. When it is finished it will fold up into a suit case like thing and you should be able to carry it with one arm. It is really simple if you think about it. We are going to patent it. But anyway i will be posting a step by step process on how to build it. We are expecting to start this weekend and work on it every weekend from now till there. So i will probaly post the first update on sunday or monday. Till then cheers mates

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Default Re: A completely portable/storable scene. board

Why 5x4? If it was 4x6 it'd be perfect for gaming all but the largest battles.
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Default Re: A completely portable/storable scene. board

Because it would be more money. Cause to do it i would have to buy more sheet wood and if so it would be about $10 dollers to do it and be able to keep the folding design. Were planning on 1,000 point armies to play and 1ft. isnt all that much. But maybe next time it will be a 6x4. ;D

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Default Re: A completely portable/storable scene. board

Unfortunately i am too busy this weekend and my parents are being a bunch of drags so i will not be able to start this weekend. Maybe next weekend ;D Although i already have the trees for the board which you can see here.



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