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Display Boards and Magnets
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Display Boards and Magnets

I'm finishing up my army for Adepticon at the moment. The problem is that at Adepticon there are three tournaments over three days, and I don't feel like designing 3 display boards, especially in the light that I am construcint the team boards as well.

Also, I don't like the idea of building cool display boards, but that can only be used as such.

So, I want cool display pieces, but I have decided many of the 'buildings' will be able to be taken off the main board and used as terrain on my normal table.

The problem... how to attach the terrain to the boards... that I solved pretty easily, rare earth magnets... no sweat there.

That really solves the problem. I could technically do that and let the boards hold the models.

However, being the perfectionist I sometimes am, I want the models to be able to stick to the board as well.

I had thought of putting a sheet of metal on the top, basing it, then using the magnets on the models, situation solved, except it would make it quite a bit heavier.

However, I noticed that they make sheets of magnets you can roll on. Has anyone ever played with this stuff? Do you think it would be worthwhile to cut the board out, glue the magnetc adhesive, then texture the portions where the buildings will not be, that way when I glue the rare earth magnets to the models, they stick to the board?

The Magnet Sheets are here:
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Default Re: Display Boards and Magnets

why don't you go with GW's way of making magnetized display boards found here
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