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Default Foam/Polystyrene

+++The question is, where can I get/buy them in the UK, suitable for terrain building? Preferably a real shop made of bricks :P as opposed to an online store. Also needs to be in largish sheets (maybe 2-4 ft. square minimum), about 0.5-1.0" thick+++

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Default Re: Foam/Polystyrene

I'm not to knowalgeble on UK economy but in Canada I can drive down to the Home Depo or other hardware store and buy a 2x8 1 and a 1/2 inch thick piece of syrofoam for $15-$25 Canadian or 7-10 british pounds
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Default Re: Foam/Polystyrene

B&Q if theres one nearby or hardware shops that sell insultation should sell it too.
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