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Cityfight terrain
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Default Cityfight terrain

Does anyone have any advice for CODEX:Cityfight terrain. I saw the ones on GW, but wasn't pleased with them. Also where can you by textured paint?
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Default Re: Cityfight terrain

The same place you buy normal paint. Just a few test pots of white will do you. After that just mix in some fine sand and grit, voila!
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Default Re: Cityfight terrain

There are also sprays that do texture; I use something called Fleck Stone. Good for tiny chunks of debris, and, with the right color, very realistic roads.
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Default Re: Cityfight terrain

I very much back up Flekstone paints... spray and instant effect. Dont buy into the fact that GW makes the best paints think outside there company... Go to hobby shops and check out isles you would never think of entering... A great city fight scape are the Mission Models available in the states they are for the most part pretty close to scale and a hellva lot cheaper. Also another great idea is try your hand at molding... after a few attempts you will get good and be able to have statues in squares.

I am currently building a Thunderhawk gunship from scratch and I did it all for cheap. The hardest part about it is getting it to scale. I found some measurements online and am using them to make the model. I actually am planning on making 2 and selling one to see how it goes. I figure if you can get one for under 200.00 I think more people will want and use them.

Anything GW sells as far as terrian goes is over priced. There paints however are pretty decently priced and I find them good quality. But dont be afraid to look in places you wouldnt normally go looking for scenary.... Pet Stores.. Computer stores... Hardware... Gardening store... Look at things differently. Currently I have a chapel and even the ground is a tile design that I downloaded and glued to form board. Dont be afraid to take on large tasks... But remember that unless you want to win awards if the terrian looks good and realistic without putting it under VERY close scrutiny you did a good job.
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Default Re: Cityfight terrain

For common colors like black, white, and even Snot and Goblin Greens, just go to a craft store. I use Delta Acrylic brand tubes. They're flip-top tubes with a small hole, so you can squeeze a drop or two out onto a palette. Works MUCH better for mixing, which is imperative for highlights, and they're ~$1.50 for about twice the paint that a GW pot holds.

It's hard to match colors sometimes, but like I say, for the common ones and, for Ork players, greens, they can't be beat. Same goes for painting terrain, if you're going to use a lot. Don't use up expensive GW paint making terrain.

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