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Default trenches/sandbags?

anyone got some ideas about making some cool looking sandbags and trenches also i need barbed wire and a bunker(none of the bunkers i've seen look quite tauish) all this is for a arctic table.thanks.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: trenches/sandbags?

you can make sand bags with medical* gauss (roll em' up and close them at the ends) layer them using white glue and water. for barbed wire you can get some linked wire and cut the vertical wires. its really hard to explain that one so here is a pic to try and help.

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Default Re: trenches/sandbags?

trenches are basic and so are sandbags all you need is posicle stick to line the trenches and plastersine for sanbags
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Default Re: trenches/sandbags?

Have you ever seen the really small plastic bowls? They're about 4" across and they'd make good bunkers if you sprayed them white...
Then just add an aerial and some transfers and hey presto you got yourself a bunker. Trenches really need to be cut out of the board itself, like they do in GW. At least I can't think of another way of doing it easily.
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Default Re: trenches/sandbags?

i wrote a quick tutorial on trenches, brb while i go find it...

crap the site where i had it is down... when i can get back onto it, i'll get the tutorial and post it here for you...

To cut a long story short, i took foam packaging stuffs, then made a basic shape, covered it in pva glue and toilet roll, then let it dry and flocked it sparingly to leave some of the white showing.. Gives a pretty effective look..

As i said, when the sites back up i'll find the guide with pics and post it

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