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Colour issues
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Default Colour issues

I am making a kind of Chaos Sacrificial Pit/Ziggurat, and am completley stuck as to what colour I will paint it. The ziggurat part is comprised of multiple Triangles (standing on their smallest side) stuck together, each triangle slightly larger than the previous one, with a flight of stairs going upwards in the middle. The stairs don't really go anywhere, with them and the triangles just stopping once it reaches a certain height from the ground (so anyone climbing the stairs will kill themselves in the fall). Bellow the place where the stairs drop off, their is a pit filled with liquid (not sure what liquid yet) which will eventually have some kind of tentacled monster in it. The theory is, prisoners/sacrifices are taken to the top and thrown off for the creature to eat.

I have no idea what colour to paint the Ziggurat, what to base it with (sand, snow, swamp, ash, etc) or what the liquid the monster lives in is going to be. I am making alot of swamp terrain but I'm not sure if the Zigguarat would look any good in a swamp. Any ideas?

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Default Re: Colour issues

I think that you should continue with the swamp theme, since boards that are random in their terrain set do NOT look very appealing. And why wouldn't a ziggurat fit in a swamp? It seems like a great place to me, with vines and moss growing all over it, kinda like the Inca pyramids in Central America (hey, there's a colour scheme right there!).

As for the liquid, I'd just say plain old green swampwater. I don't really think anythign else would fit...
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Default Re: Colour issues

I agree with wraithbringer it sounds really nice
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