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Default Waterworld

How would some one go about making a water board, compete with islands (i know how to do that), and loch ness monster aliens water life?

Thank you

The Mothman
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Default Re: Waterworld

make a norma board as usual and add islands. then get a boarder round the edge of the baord and pour resin into the board to represent water, making sure te islands still show up

to make ceatures ou should get any old dragon monster of some sortand cut the bottom of it off. glue it on the board to look a monster!

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Default Re: Waterworld

Check this out he has a new board he makes for ship battles it looks pretty good

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Default Re: Waterworld

A whole board of water? As in lots of it?

For small water features, the terrain experts say that you should use liquid resin. Expensive, hard to get hold of, hard to use. If you're doing a whole board, or most of it, take a baseboard of some sort and add filler to it to shape waves and foam around the island you put on there.

For the watery look, paint the baseboard with a watery (not thick, very fluid) mixture of paint. Use different shades and hues to make it look natural. If you're doing a lake-ish thing, use brown and dark green. For mediterranean or tropical looks, use ultramar and torquise. For stormy cold waters, use dark blue and dark green. When you're done painting it all, cover it with a couple of layers of gloss varnish. Floor varnish is relatively cheap and comes in nice large cans. Let one later dry before you put on the next one.

That's pretty much it.
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Default Re: Waterworld

I would suggest using clear resin and clear 5-minute epoxy for water features like waves, but an alternative would be a large peice of plexiglass. Paint it differant shades of blue to look like waves and then glue some felt down for protection. Flip it over and you have a hard, flat surface that looks like water. Then make some islands out of blue/pink foam so you can move them around.
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