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Le Grand Hotel! Well, it's cool anyway!
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Default Le Grand Hotel! Well, it's cool anyway!

A while back I was talking about a good way to hold foam board together.

Well, here is the assembled second floor! Comments? And also, what should I paint it with? (something not too complicated, perhaps.)

First pic. It looks like the building is curved for some weird reason, but it's not. Trust me.

Second pic:

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Default Re: Le Grand Hotel! Well, it's cool anyway!

Add a cool removable roof to it, and some interior details, and it'll look sweet. For the walls, it depends on how ruined you want it to look I guess, and what style/material you picture the building to be. Filler or textured paint would look great as adobe or concrete. Textured wallpaper would look good as bricks (with the right texture) or, well, wallpaper.

It does look a bit warped, but that's probably just because you're taking the picture up close, with the camera lens being convex. (That's why people's noses look huge when you're looking through the hole in the front door of an apartment)
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Default Re: Le Grand Hotel! Well, it's cool anyway!

Looks pretty good.* Is this your fist building out of foam core?

Just a suggestion, but to make your coner joins look invisible try this out...
1 - when measuring out your cuts, add an extra half a cm or 0.5 mm on each end of one wall.* Then measure cut through the first layer of card and the foam, leaving the back protion of card intact, the width of the wall to butt into it.* This way, when you put the two wall sections together, one will sit into this end cut thus hiding the exposed foam on the corner.

I'll see if I can't post a pick of what I mean later.

Here's those pics I was mentioning. Hopefully they'll explain alot better than my text what I mean. ;D

As you can hopefully see in this first pic, if you allow for the extra overlap when measuring, you can cut the walls so that they overlap in such a way as to hide the corner join.

This second pic shows the outside, or "model eye view" of the corner. See, you can't see the foam, just the corner. ;D
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