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-=need help with trees=-
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Default -=need help with trees=-

HIya everybody!
Anyways, i got a battleforce, and it came wit those warhammer 40k trees.* Unfortunately, it didn't come with any instructions, and i never built them before.* Neways, does anybody happen to have instrutctions or anything that could help.
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Default Re: -=need help with trees=-

Well, i might as well write some brief instructions here.
(its sorta hard without pics)
take a look at the pics of trees on the battleforce box and the codex. just mix and match..
theres 1 sprue that has the base, tree trunks etc.. and i think 2 more sprues with the tree foliage.. basically, theres one piece that joins the lowets trunk to the base, after that, theres the smallest round circle things taht join trunks together, or one of the small leaf things.. for the top of the tree, use the big tree top thing, and if you have some spare, theres a special small leaf thing that goes right on top to cover up the hole.
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Default Re: -=need help with trees=-

Dude if you want real good trees check out terragenesis.com all you need is a few pipe cleaners and moss and they look great!

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