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Kroot Shaper
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Default Modular Board

Over the next little while (possibly 1-2 months) I will be constructing a 6 foot by 6 foot gaming table, consisting of 9, 2x2 sections I plan to make one square at a time, in order to save space in my dorm room, and hope to make them interchangeable so i can shift the scenery whenever I please. I plan to make several boards like this including at least one cityfight board. If anyone has attempted or done something similar i would appreciate your tips. If you havent done something similar but have an idea, feel free to chip in. Any advice is welcome.

P.S. I will post pics of my progress once i actually start (probably a couple of weeks from now.)
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Default Re: Modular Board

I'm going to be trying that myself provided I can get enough freakin' materials.

Lay out a map, be precise. It's really the only way. I always figured nine pieces would be best since you have your left and right flanks as well as a center. Then you also get the middle-ground where much of the fighting occurs as well as a side for each player.

However, if you wanted something a bit more inventive you could try out a five-piece layout which is what I'm struggling with. You have to have more terrain that interconnects but it's pretty rad. Make a center square that takes out a 25% chunk of four other squares that divide up the board. You could also do it on a 45-degree angle, but this changes the kind of dynamic your table is going to have.

If at all possible try for recessed hinges. You'll thank me.

Non-slip pads on the bottom of the squares are a good idea as you definitely don't want it moving and constructing a guard-rail would be a serious PITA. Just make sure to set them in a bit on each square so you can push it right to the edge.

Also make sure to think about what kinds of terrain you want to put down. With a modular board you can't just have a river that flows from one side to the other, you've got to mold it across pieces. This WILL kill congruity but it's the only way. You'll have to decide if you want to sacrifice the realistic look for ease of construction.

Then there's also the "why modular pieces" camp. I mean, why not just make modular terrain? Then you could even have a flat board with no subdivisions and divide up the board with modular-based pieces of terrain. This is another fantastic idea that works out well if you put a little though into it. The downsize is that it's obvious each base is above the table so you can't make a more permanent-looking fixture.
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Default Re: Modular Board

I have actually made a decent city fight board and found a new love, polystyrene. Easy to paint, shape and a sturdy base for your board. I recomend it, buy at homedepot
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