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750pt Tau vs Daemonhunters
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Default 750pt Tau vs Daemonhunters

Ok this was the first game I have played in the new campaign. It was against the Daemonhunters army in the campaign. The table was an urban setup. There were some ruined vehicles toward the right end where the Inquisition setup and a hill on the left where I sat my formation behind. All the other terrain really doesnt need mentioning because it did not come into play.

The mission was cleanse, I was the attacker which meant the Inquisition wasnt about to come to me. He knew all to well what advancing into my fire was like so he made me come for him. The army lists were as follows:

-10 Storm Troopers, sergeant, 2 plasmas
-10 Storm Troopers, sergeant, 2... somethings, not punchy though.
-Inquisitor attatched to the second IG squad.
-1 Assasine... the female melea specialist whatever that ones name is
-Grand Master with all the upgrades

-12 Firewarriors, bonded, shas'ui
-12 Firewarriors, bonded, shas'ui
-2 Crisis suites, shas'vre, missil pod, burst cannon, multi tracker
-Hammerhead, fully decked out, railgun, smart missils
-Shas'O, Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, shield gennerator

The Inquisition set up one IG behind the ruined tanks and another behind a crater to the right of my deployment hill.

I set up all my forces in a triangle behind my hill. My commander sat at the corner with one FW squad to his right and another behind him. The two crisis suites were directly behind him and the tank behind them. The tank had 2 gun drones that unloaded in the deployment. A real formation for a change.

Turn 1:
The Inquisition got the first turn and simply moved further into cover. He was determined to make me come to him.

I moved the rightmost FW squad around the hill. The drones moved up and the crisis suites all hopped onto the hill. My tank zoomed north and let loose with the railgun on the IG in the ruined tanks. The smart missils hit the other group behind the crater. I kill a couple of IG. Crisis suites have no shots and move back behind the hill.

Turn 2:
The IG moved into the crater and further back into the cover Inquisitor staying attatched through the whole game. IG in the crater killed a few FWs and broke them temporarily. Lance strike comes in and is used to kill the Shas'ui crisis suite and the two drones.

My Hammerhead moved further out and opened fire killing its share of guard. The crisis suites popped out and popped some more IG. The firewarriors regrouped. Second FW squad moved around the hill some. Crisis move back. IG broken.

Turn 3:
Lance strike misses, reserves fail to come in. IG regroup and fire some.

Firewarriors move back forward and let some shots fly. Crisis and tank kill even more. IG behind crater below half strength. IG in wreckage close to it.

Turn 4:
Same old same old both sides exchange fire some, Tau take no damage. Lance forgotten.

Turn 5:
Finally the Grandmaster and Assasine come in. Lance misses, assasine routes the second FW squad and is left in the open.

Hammerhead pops more IG, my Shas'O obliterates the Grandmaster with a single fusion blaster shot. Crisis suites and first FW squad send Assasine to her maker.

Turn 6:
IG legging it.

I fire everything I can, which isnt much. A few more IG die, neither squad fully routed.


Imperials have a little over 200 victory points.

Tau have 600 something victory points. A clear victory.

Well it would seem that everything went as planned. The Firewarriors were expected to die. I wanted them to draw the fire from the Deep Striking assasine away from my battle suites and they did it. I was hopeing a few more would live but the cassualties are acceptable. Without help my commander was able to simply blast the grandmaster apart and the assasine fell to missils and small weapons fire. All in all the Inquisition got their rear handed to them.

Not bad for my first fight of the campaign. The Or'es Shi is back.

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