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Tetras and Piranhas.
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Default Tetras and Piranhas.

Im planning to order the Taros Campaign, and possibly either Tetras or Piranha(s) or both.

I have "trial" version of their rules that were on FW website, so I have the overall picture of both.
However, they apparently have changed a bit, according some info I got from the messages posted by people who have already bought the book.

Id like to order them in one set to save in shipping, but would like to know something about them first because that could change my mind about ordering them.

Now what Im mainly interested is are Tetras still Fast Attack, and Piranhas Troops like in trial rules, or have they changed this?

Can someone tell me this, or would it be breaking the copyright laws?
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Default Re: Tetras and Piranhas.


This link has alot of the Tau-oriented highlights of the Taros Campaign book, and it states the squadron sizes, points costs, and FOC areas of the Tetra and Pihrana.
My personal preference would 3 Tetras, opperating seperatly incase of Crew Stuned rolls grounding me, with Targeting Arrays and Seekers x2 - a BS4 markerlighter with to SMs of it's very own.

Lastly, welcome to TO!
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