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humans. helpfull?
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Default humans. helpfull?

should i put human auxillaries in my force and have:

three squadas of fire warriors

two squads of kroot

and 1 squad of auxilaries.

or should i have these as my troops:

thre squads of fire warriors and three squads of kroot and leave the humans at home?
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Default Re: humans. helpfull?

6 squads of tau ;D

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Default Re: humans. helpfull?

Human auxiliaries are never a solid core choice.* They can not take a transport, so they are very slow.* Their firepower is lower than that of both Fire Warriors and Kroot, and their close combat ability is likewise quite low.

Why take them then?* Mostly because they have a few options that Kroot don't have and that Fire Warriors pay too much for.* They are capable of carrying EMP grenades, which is probably their most common usage.* A handful of Gue'vesa are about the lowest-priority target you can take in the Tau list.* Unless your opponent knows what is coming, he or she probably won't even try target them until you are within striking distance of their heavy-support armor.* Gue-vesa can also take a markerlight, which may come in handy given their aforementioned low targeting profile.

They are also very fun to make and look great when you take your time.

I would only take them for fun, not as a competitive choice.* I use a squad of 6 from time to time, but only as color.* Kroot and Fire Warriors will generally serve you better.
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Old 24 Aug 2005, 16:09   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: humans. helpfull?

i'll use the first list as my troops then.
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Default Re: humans. helpfull?

i like human there cheap and they can take a markerlight and emp that extra marklight help for me
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Default Re: humans. helpfull?

4 gropus of firewarriors, 2 groups of kroot and humans left in the basement living with the mice ;D ;D
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Default Re: humans. helpfull?

dont get human soldiers
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Default Re: humans. helpfull?

I don't like them much. The Kroot, being 1 point more, have Bolter-like weapons, fieldcraft, better stats, and infiltration. They cannot carry EMPs, but are more efficient and useful than Gue'vesa IMO. Especially with some Hounds thrown in.

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Default Re: humans. helpfull?

I would disagree... you really can't compare Kroot and Humans as they have two completely different tabletop purposes. Kroot act as counter-assault and anchor your firing line in a static army. Humans, on the other hand, are more like the IG cannon-fodder that you always hear about. They are useful in their own way however. They work really well as a meat shield or as a cheap bodyguard for your Ethereal. Also, they can be used in a tank-hunting role when equipped with EMP grenades. Lastly, they work very well as the front of a static firing line, roughly 6 inches in front of your Fire Warriors. Why? because then they are in range the same time as your FWs, add a little extra bang to your shooting phase, and soak up both range and assault wounds. It's also good to equip them with pulse carbines in this role so that they have a chance to stop the enemy when they're still 24" (ideally) from the Fire Warriors.

However, if you are expecting Gue'vesa to make a big difference every game, you're crazy. They are simply a low-points unit for when you feel you need some expendable troops to strengthen your forces. I personally never take them in a unit larger than 6 because that way they never get over 50 points. They do, however, much like conscripts, have a remarkable ability to get ungodly lucky and do something that turns the tide of the game. I used a 12 man team once, and in the first turn they shot down an infiltrating Khornate Chaos Lord with 4 wounds and a 2+ save.

The reason I take them mostly is because I've always wanted an all Gue'vesa force. I figure that by this time you've probably had multiply generations serving under the Greater Good, so they've probably begun to gain more trust from the Tau. I'd really like to see rules for a Tau-equipped human auxiliary force in the new Tau codex. But that's just me.
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Default Re: humans. helpfull?

Mine soaked up starcannon fire. ;D

They'ed be alot more usefull if we could get them a transport and maybe special weapons.
> why cant they use a d-fish?
or buy carprace armor (+3 points???.)? gr....

Oh yes [insert naysayer] the tau don't trust humans...well is there any other way to make them contribute better? If they get pulse weaposn, why not a grenade launcher or rail rilfe? Okay i can see ther beeign no rial rilfe as its AP3, but a fusion flaster isn't to far off... but that's what EMP grendas are for. Eh....

trust of the tau: =10
These humans have proved themselves over time after time and are allowed very high-tech weaposn that noramly most tau do not allow aux. to use.
0-2 extra spc weapons.
Pulse rifle/Carbine: +3
tau grenade launcher: +10 (s6 ap4 small blast ) assult 1.
Burst Cannon: =+10.
More realistic.

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