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Carnage 750pt game with 5 players
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Default Carnage 750pt game with 5 players

it was a standard muggy night when five different armies took to the field: Tau, SM, Nids, BT Eldar, and orks. Luck of the draw puts the Eldar on the central objective with the other four players taking up positions in each of the four corners on a 4x8' table with mostly forrest and some hills.

turn one (night fight rules), the Ork goes first rushing everything towards the center fanning out in an arc. he has 3 odd looking bikes, 3 zzap guns with 5 grots each, a horde of grots, a squad of shuutas, and a squad of fiitas (sorry don't spell orkish).

I (Tau go second) thinking for some reason to sweep in behind the orks. I move my stealth and crisis suits to my right to sweep in behind the orks while I move the Firewarriors and HH towards my left to counter the SM. I have 2 suits (fireknife-6 and -7), one HH, 5 man stealth, 2x12 FW, and an infiltrated kroot squad of 10.

Next the SM player positions himself to sit back and shoot at the eldar with whirlwind and autocannon but can't see them yet. he has a rhino with squad, a squad of scouts, a whirlwind, a speeder, and a devistator. He is armed exactly how I would want SM facing my Tau, but there is a forest between us.

The Nid player just moves everything forward towards the central objective. he has 6 warriors, 8 genestealers, and around 20 gaunts.

Little do we all know the SM and nids have allied until turn 4. I am a little curious since the genestealers are in plane sight of the scouts from the start but are not shot at...

Last goes the Eldar player. He immediately runs his falcon into the front of the grots and LANDS! 5 scorpions jump out and cause 2 grots to die. The falcon shoots maybe 3 more grots. The rest of his troops hunker down in the 5+ cover and wait for something to happen.

Turn 2.

The orks swarm the falcon with grots and some power claw orks, the zzap guns and every ork capable of firing shoots the scorpions down. The falcon is shaken, then stunned, then looses a cannon. The bikes run forward to slow the nids and shoot at the eldar.

The Tau start positioning for shooting. Forgetting that I outrange everyone, I keep the FW and kroot hunkered down in trees and behind the HH. I move the HH up to take a long shot at the SM rhino which does squat. The kroot shoot down two eldar guardians who can't return fire as the kroot are 6.25" inside the woods. The stealth team and two cirsis on the other flank jump out and shoot down a number of grots, then jump back behind cover.

The SM player now opens fire on the eldar, concentrating totally on blasting the objective with direct and indirect fire. About 4 eldar die. He repositions his vehiles so that I can't get an LOS on them with the HH.

The nid player surges towards the objective clearing woods.

The Eldar player is stunned at his own tactical proficiency, so he shoots wildly at everyone causing virtually nothing to happen.

Turn 3:

The Orks are now over half way to the objective. The bikes are shooting and flaming eldar with abandon, while the ork shooter squad mows down some gaunts. The fighting ork squad and grots now proceed to destroy the landed falcon. Zap guns shoot up some eldar.

The Tau begin the move towards the center with FW and HH taking 7 shots with the HH at the orks killing a pile of grots and orks but no real effect on the game, as it is clear now that the Tau will not be in CC for the objective. The stealth and 2 crisis shoot at the zzap guns and kill a pile of grots. The kroot kill 2 more eldar.

The SM now takes a lascannon shot at the HH missing wildly. His speeder, scouts and whirlwind shoot up the eldar some more taking out the starcannon.

The nid player now moves into contact with the ork bikes and can only imobilize one, his warriors just emerging from the forrest and shoot to no effect. The genestealers finally start looking at the whirlwind only 18" away and licking their lips. He consolidates into the objective, just barely with a few guants.

The eldar player now has about 4 guardians, 2 warlocks, and a farseer. He shoots everything at the orks and ony kills 2 grots.

Turn 4:

The orks reach the objective and dispatch the remaining eldar, thus claiming the objective. They shoot down some 18 gaunts in one round of shooting, routing the unit off the objective. His zap gun shoots down one crisis suit.

The remaining crisis and stealth are basically out of the game and just shoot the zzap gun crew out of frustration.

The HH proves ineffective by shooting only one ork down. The FW open fire and kill off the remaining grots and an ork. The kroot forget how to shoot.

The SM now moves up with the rhino and unloads his SM who shoot the kroot down 25% (they fail leadership and rout). His speeder, devistator, whirlwind, and scouts now start shooting up the orks on the objective.

The nid player charges into the whirlwind with his genestealers fleet of claw and begin rending it and attacking the scouts in the process. The gaunts are gone, but the warriors wander up and shoot down a couple of orks. The nid player is bascially out of the game at this point.

Turn 5:

The orks push everyone possible into the objective, but his forces have been decemated by Tau and SM firepower. He awaits the other attacks.

The Tau, out of the game for the win, just shoot the snot out of everything ork, killing a number on the objective. 4 SMS shots into the SM equal squat, so it is now down to the SM and orks as to who will win.

The SM player charges everything into the objective. The reloaded rhino runs up into the objective, the speeder shoots down orks, and the devistator blasts away at the remaining bikes.

As the smoke cleared, the SM win through numbers on the objective with a speeder, a rhino and 5 of the original 6 SM. The ork has only 4 left on the objective with one immobilized bike touching it.

Game over.
Lessons learned:

Get moving faster! The ork players swarm of grots remained between me and the ork squads most of the game, and I couldn't kill them fast enough. I didn't come armed for ork, or I would have had more Bust Cannons on the suits and HH. As it was, the lack of RG also hurt my chances. The FW will load up on DF next game, and the kroot will enlarge at the expense of the other FW squad.

Overall the Tau performed well.

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Default Re: Carnage 750pt game with 5 players

SInce I'm new to Tau, this helped, now I know some "Do's an Don'ts"
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Default Re: Carnage 750pt game with 5 players

Sounds like a cool battle, good luck for the next game!

I think the Eldar player had a it a little harsh though, starting on the objective he'd be immediately in the line of fire from all of the other enemy armies.
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Default Re: Carnage 750pt game with 5 players

Originally Posted by Tau-killer
Sounds like a cool battle, good luck for the next game!

I think the Eldar player had a it a little harsh though, starting on the objective he'd be immediately in the line of fire from all of the other enemy armies.
That and he isn't very good. We all told him to move off the objective and fight one of us, then come back to it, but he rather hunkered down to get shot up.

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