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ork fighters
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Old 22 Aug 2005, 03:15   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default ork fighters

my friend has recently started an ork army, and i thought about buying commander far sight for ork fighter but before i bought it i noticed that it is almost down right not worth it

you cannot have ANY kroot units, some things are limited to 0-1.

ork fighter cost +5 pts. PER. MODEL but you get +1 to I and WS. so you attack before them but even with improved WS you still hit in CC on a 5+ which makes half the upgrade down right worthless
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Default Re: ork fighters

yeah your totaly right about the:


0-1 options

the upgrade.
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Default Re: ork fighters

Ork Fighter was far superior under the old Hit Tables - hitting on a 5+ rather than 6+, and the biggest bonus is striking before Orks in CC.

Farsight, as has been said many times before, is best in small games where the limitations do not hurt as much - slaming your opponent with a fearsome Monsterous Creature in 500pts is a shock most people don't expect Tau to pull off.
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Old 22 Aug 2005, 04:04   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: ork fighters

As far as I know (dont have the rule book with me at the moment), their still is no 6+ to hit on the HTH table. The highest is 3+ and the lowest is 5+, excluding special rules.
As for Ork Fighters, it is only usefull on crisis suits, who cost so much anyways that an extra 5pts dosent hurt. However this does not at all make them good at fighting orks. The only bonus in the Farsight Army is Farsight himself, and getting somewhat more elite Crisis suits (who are still far more effective shooting rather then fighting hth).
IMO, if your gonna fight orks, the regular Tau army is far superior.
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Default Re: ork fighters

ummm...unless you have Ws 1, you're not gonna be hitting on 5's...however, +1 Ws is pretty useless unless it'll take you over Ws4, and +1 init...is useful, but only after they've charged you (heh, like you'll ever be charging them )
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Default Re: ork fighters

on the upside you can give it to the broadsides and then i think they get a 5ws let me check that.....hmmm guess not its only 3. But still its good to give to your teamleads so they get 4ws and 4I. So just upgrade the team leader (: its always good to have 4 ws on a tau unit.
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Old 22 Aug 2005, 10:37   #7 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: ork fighters

You would think that if O'Shovah and his fire caste warriors would be better that the upgrade gives them. They spend hours practicing close combat techniques. Having a ws3 at least makes our firewarrior equivilent to a normal human. With ork fighter, a firewarrior is a ig standard troop but with a better save. Orks only have a tougness of 3 and ws of 3, at least the standard ork. So its not a 5+ to wound or hit, its 4+. Thats a whole lot better than 5+ for hitting and wounding. The firewarrior just doesn't have the amount of attacks that the ork can dish out, but thats why we shoot them before they get close. The +1 ws+1 I is decent but i would prefer a ws+2. Its better than having a ws of 2.

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Old 22 Aug 2005, 10:47   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: ork fighters

If you read the to hit table carefully, you find out that our humble firewarriors hit everything in cc on 4+, and that they are hit on 3+, only exception is whaen fighting enemy with ws5 or highier, or when some upgrade lower their WS.

So WS part of the upgrade is still useless as it doesn't have any significant efect on the game.

The I+1 is much beter part, but it is still not usually worth of fire warriors, as they remain too slow compared to most other armies.

Best uses is on suits of shas'vre rank and highier, as they have with it stats comparable to marine.
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Old 22 Aug 2005, 12:02   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: ork fighters

Shas'0Clinton, your numbers a a bit off lad, all orks, even the warboss are toughness 4, not 3. And ork boyz have a WS of 4. Now getting to this topic, the hit chart, as it is, is rather..well..tweeked. The chart is very friendly to low WS armies. Nothing on the chart hits at less than 3+. Rather nice when that WS10 deamon prince comes wading in. Kind of nice knowing EVERYONE misses on 1's and 2's. I think the game has become really biased toward assaults and any army who speciallizes in beating their foes into little...foe shaped chunky bits, has an advantage. Now I did'nt say the assault army always wins, Gork knows I've used my Tau to shoot the snot out of more than a few HtH armies including my own orks! But anyway I digress. Tau Fire warriors in CC are'nt as feeble as people seem to think they are. Against beekies (those are Space Marines for those who don't speak ork ;D) basic troops, fire warriors hit on 4 and wound on 5. Not bad for a skinny little blighter.
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Default Re: ork fighters

farsight is arguably the most screwed up spec character in the game. OK, lets take a race dedicated to shooting, remove thier good combat units, and allow the troops to fight with guardsman profiles for the cost of a space marine. : i find farsight's ork fighter rule too unfluffy and screwy for my liking.

Dude, you dont need it. the whole tau list works stupidly well at killing orks. s5 firepower, submunitions, and missile pods for thoese weak orky vehicles.
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